The elite controller + Halo 5 = perfect.

After spending over 3 days worth of game time fiddling and readjusting to several different aiming sensitivities, I had all but given up my attempts on increasing my aiming capabilities even with the heavily aim assist functionality. A buddy of mine let me borrow his “Elite” controller, imploring me the difference was phenomenal. Given his record in Halo, I took his work and applied the most comfortable settings using the fancy controller. Wow. The aiming mechanics I believed where either lost upon me or never existed suddenly appeared. I’m not joking, it felt so fluid, so natural moving the cross hairs around the screen. I was aiming in the precise areas where as with the standard controller, it would usually land off my mark. I downloaded the application in order to customize the actual controller settings and after fiddling with the options (I put both sticks on aggressive, left everything else the same, also switched the triggers to half guard a.k.a half the amount of press needed to achieve full function) and the turn around was pretty impressive.

Now I used the controller for a pretty extensive period, 2 weeks (on and off, about 2 and half days of Halo game time) and the results in terms of kills, particularly head shots was drastic. To say I’m an beginner to average player would be slightly underrated, in terms of first person shooters I’ve had a good amount of time with Halo 1 and 2 until I became occupied with everything else. So returning to the franchise, and it’s overhaul of certain mechanics including the aiming was a difficult task on top of relearning the basics.

The paddles tackle a bit of getting use too, obviously, but it’s not as bad as one would think it is as if you’d say switch from Green Thumb to Bumper Jumper. The ability to button map helps in taking the pace at your leisure, I for instance started with mapping the jet pack evasion to the lower right paddle then added the others.

So in terms of worth, at $150 bucks (or if you get it cheaper through a deal or have a good friend like mine), ultimately I’d say if your someone who is pretty serious about Halo, or even has a higher enjoyment than the average casual player looking for a edge, this is an investment worth taking. I’d also recommend the controller for anyone who is into customization, because its pretty deep (specifically for anyone into racing, paddle shifting? Yes.)

If your playing Halo or really video games in general, it goes without saying STAY AWAY. However, for the first time this is definitely one peripheral that I’ve experienced its full potential since the days of maybe…the DreamCast? So yeah, its worth the buck fifty.


I agree on the quality of the controller. Got my Elite and haven’t looked back! Love the smoothness, sturdiness, adaptability and customization!

Glad you found your “Excalibur”!

I don’t have £150 to pay to win.

A some what cheaper alternative is the fusion controller. That is what I use. Granted it can’t do as much as the elite controller but it does have the extra buttons on the bottom if you want to remap your controls. I use the Halo 4 button layout but wanted an easier way to crouch. I didn’t want to spend $150 for an elite controller just to remap one button. The fusion controller is only $75. It’s a WIRED controller but the up side to that is never having to worry about battery life.

Yes! The elite controller is awesome. Works perfect with halo 5

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> I don’t have £150 to pay to win.

you dont need an elite controller to do good. Elite controller users think it makes them better but it doesn’t.
Pro player SnakeBite plays with a regular controller and hes on the best halo team still wrecking people.

I love my elite controller its so nice for halo

Meh, the elite controller isn’t worth the money and never will be.

I really want one, but I’ve heard they break just as easily as normal controllers (which I’ve gone through 3 of, so crappy). Unless they had some sort of warranty I can’t justify the purchase.

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> > 2601632999026533;4:
> > I don’t have £150 to pay to win.
> you dont need an elite controller to do good. Elite controller users think it makes them better but it doesn’t.
> Pro player SnakeBite plays with a regular controller and hes on the best halo team still wrecking people.

True. The elite controller doesn’t make people better. I love the extra buttons, but I also use it for the comfort. They are way more comfortable than the regular controllers.
I find the paddles only useful in some games, like Halo 5. I take them out and use it as a regular controller for other games because I love how comfortable it is.

It is kind of pricey, so I would recommend the Lunar controller from gamestop for $70 usd… I have both, the Lunar has the diamond grip and is more comfortable than the regular controller as well. But not as comfortable as the Elite.

After using the Lunar and the Elite, I would never go back to the original controllers. I don’t like how they feel.

I would like to get an Elite controller if it wasn’t so expensive. But I’m doing alright now with a claw grip

I love my Elite controller. I still have more losses than wins in Warzone & Arena, so it hasn’t turned me into a pro-gamer, but I still wouldn’t part with it. Here’s why I prefer it:
Heavier - feels better in the hand, this is arguably my favorite aspect
Grippy - much easier to hold
Swappable control stick height - I’ve been using FPS Freek “knobs” since Halo Reach, but sometimes I pop them off during “excited” gameplay. On the Elite the sticks themselves vary in height, so no parts to pop off. Medium on left, tall on the right - perfect for me.
Hair Triggers - whether or not this is “real”, it seems to make shooting stuff easier
Customization - I’ve only scratched the surface here, but it is nice, and makes playing “more better”

Now, if I can just figure out how to program my stick-clicks to the paddles (while using Halo 4 layout) it will be perfect.

I recently bought an elite controller and I can totally agree. The paddles with halo 5’s abilities is so overpowered

I like it they are great do not get me wrong, but honestly for the price I still use the original one with the xbox more at the moment so mixed feelings lol but I just wish the price was less to make it seem like your getting a better deal. i feel unless your hardcore game battles playing for money its not worth it but its whatever you like of course I dig them.

Agree 100% buddy

My kids really enjoy the Elite controllers. We just got them

Huh. Might have to pick one up myself. Problem is, they’re pretty damn expensive and I’m a confident player without one.

Iv never seen one so I guess I need to investigate! Especially if it is better reflexes!

Would love to try but I mean. Come on!
150 $!? That’s a lot of money! And for a controller? Never.
If it was half that, I might consider it.