The Eleven Seven Reborn

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DISCLAIMER: We are NOT grinding for the Achilles helmet or armor. All of our members have the set from our previous spartan company, The Eleven Seven. We are currently grinding to 152 in preparation for Halo: Infinite. Please read the following as it is our company bio.

The Eleven Seven Reborn is a company focused on achieving any and all community goals presented in Halo InfiniteCreated from members of the various WNA companies and it’s sister The Eleven Seven, our company will be apart of a growing server filled with halo fans where members are encouraged to group up and participate in large community groups that are sure to happen throughout Infinite’s lifetime.

Requirements: Until Halo Infinite’s launch no requirements beside joining our discord will be present.What to expect:

First, this company will revolve around earning any community goals set in Infinite, so members will be required to be active shortly after launch until our goal is achieved.
Second, a bad attitude is unacceptable, so if you start problems expect to be booted.
Third, if you must go inactive for longer than 1 week or may end up missing your requirements, it is your job to inform leadership ahead of time in the proper discord channel.

How to join: You must request to join (all default messages will be discarded without a second look, so please make yours unique); upon being accepted you will be sent a discord link in a short message (you are required to join this discord server), so please check your notifications daily.

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