The "“eat your mush” topic shouldn’t have been locked" topic shouldn't have been locked

Original post. View at your own discretion

It’s a legitimate discussion about the handling of legitimate discussion.
No valid reason was given for locking the thread. It gives me the impression that 343 are too immature to listen to the feedback of others and do their jobs seriously.


I saw another one that said the same thing and the post was blocked.

To be fair, the post had to do with moderation decisions which is sorta off-topic for the Halo Infinite section. However, I think the original “eat your mush” topic was worthy of discussion.

Not to mention I would love to keep the cycle of “the 'the ‘the ‘eat your mush’ topic shouldn’t have been locked’ topic shouldn’t have been locked 'topic shouldn’t have been locked”… just for the memes