The dumbest player's

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I try to play Halo 4 as often as I can whenever the mood strikes me but whenever I do play it it’s like a little bit of Call of Duty’s community of limited squeakers managed to get smuggled in during it’s development. These idiots actually believe after the MLG tournament for Halo 4 that the Battle Rifle was the “Weapon of Choice” for the pro’s even known I think they were playing SWAT. You could use this as another argument against the BR if you like cause I am genuinely -Yoinking!- tired of people using the BR. My favourite game mode is Rumble Pit which I am very good at, especially in particular game modes in it. But when Slayer Pro comes up, I just try to pretend it doesn’t exist because the amount of people who use the BR in that game mode is VILE! Many of the people who use the BR are likely using it because they have no choice but to use it due to he fact that everyone else is using it and it may be their only hope at actually scoring some damn kills! I personally try to use the Assault Rifle as much as I can and I’m very good in using it but when worse comes to worse even I’m forced to stoop as low as the BR and even then it’s not that much of a notable improvement.
I honestly do not understand why 343 hasn’t straightened the BR yet. PLENTY of people have complained about it and yet 343 do nothing about it. Don’t get me wrong, 343’s in the -Yoink- right now and I understand this takes time but COME ON!!! People have been complaining about the BR since release! This absolutely CANNOT continue! I’m sick and tired of it! This has to stop, it just has to!

Originally I wanted the BR to just be straightened out so it’s no longer OP but 343 have taken way to long. I want the BR removed from Halo 4 COMPLETELY! No more Mr.Nice-Guy. I don’t care who enjoys using the BR! THIS HAS TO STOP RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!!!

I usually don’t care what weapons other players are using.

I personally don’t care for the BR but I can see its tactical advantage in smaller maps.

It’s a precision weapon with a decent rate of fire compared to the DMR for example. The DMR is great to snipe from a distance but if you’re fighting close quarters you better make every shot count due to the crappy rate of fire.

The AR is even better at close quarters but then you lack the ability to accurately land shots from across the map. It’s a fair trade off I think.

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Actually, there is no apostrophe in “players” in the subject so you don’t have much room to talk.

Okay I think you need to summon your Morail to pacify you, you need to chill.
BR sucks, there’s no need to worry about it. If you need help avoiding it why not train with someone to over come it. Skill always beats squeaker luck.
I am always playing in a big map so their not very useful as it is, and even in small maps there are worse weapons to watch out for.
Personally I only really like to use the DMR and the AR.

Shh pap Repeat.

Why on Earth are you starting a hate topic on what other players use in matchmaking? Does it really matter?

I don’t care what other people’s weapon preferences are. Yes sometimes it gets annoying to be killed by a specific weapon all the time but you shouldn’t have to take it personally.

I don’t see anything wrong with the BR be it used by players who desire to be MLGs or people who just want to chill the yoink out and kill others for a few hours.

Chill out man…

This wouldn’t be a Halo community if members weren’t -Yoinking!- about pointless -Yoink- that nobody gives a -Yoink- about. :wink:

Mute the CoD kids, and play against people on your level. I hate playing with unbalanced teams.

I don’t really care what weapon someone is using unless it’s the carbine. That weapon pisses me off.

I see what your arguments are saying and I get the point already but I don’t think some of you realize is that this isn’t an argument about the BR or an argument about kids. This is an argument about what abomination is created when you combine the two. You don’t know what I’m talking about until you’ve actually faced them in Rumble Pit.

Maybe if the new Forerunner and Covenant weapons weren’t so sh1tty there would be more weapon variety in matches.

The Light Rifle for example is supposed to be a combination of the BR with the DMR but the weapon is really underpowered compared to both. The burst shot with LR takes a lot more to kill an enemy than the BR, same thing with scoped shots compared to the DMR.

I’ve been trying to get the Covenant and Forerunner weapon mastery commendations and I’m very frustrated at how sh*tty their regular weapons are.
The only good thing so far is that using those under powered weapons is forcing me to become more tactical in order to survive longer in the field and score more kills.

I use the BR because evreybody uses it and if you dont its very hard to get kills because everybody uses it. Other times I use the AR because I prefer combat in mid to close range.



I don’t care what weapons other players use. I use the weapons I “like” to use. I personally don’t even care for the BR. I like the Light rifle and the DMR. That’s the other feature that made H4 so great was the fact that everyone could use the weapons they wanted to use.