The Dream Team

Hi, I Am The Leader Of The Dream Team. This Is A Halo 4 Clan.

The Dream Team ( Halo 4 Clan Website )

If You Wanna Join This Is Our Requirements :

  1. Must Be Active.
  2. Must Have A Mic.
  3. Must Have More Than A 1.50 KDR
  4. Must Be Polite And Listen To The Leader.

The Dream Team Playlist :

  1. We Mostly Play BTB.
  2. We Play All Game Types.
  3. We Play MLG And AGL.
  4. We Play Fun Custom Games.
  5. We Do Clan Battles.
  6. We Do Clan Tournaments.

The Dream Team Players.

  1. We Have High Ranks.
  2. We Have High KDR.
  3. We Work As A Team.
  4. Our Team Always Win.
  5. We Have A Good Communication.

Add My Gamer Tag: Chief Ian

( For More Infos Message Me Or Add Me On The Website Or Add Me On Xbox Live )