The Do's and Don'ts fot Halo Wars 2

I can’t believe Halo Wars two is less than a year away, I’m surprised we have yet to see any gameplay. What I will say is there are a few things Halo Wars should NOT have.

1: Microtransactions. NONE in any way shape, or form. No REQ system, no DLC units, nothing of any sort.

2: NO RNG. I and many others don’t like it. There should be no unlocking of units either PERIOD.

3: No unlocking units in multiplayer/skirmish. Other RTS games have done this, where they have an unlock tree where as you level up you get more/better units. I think unlocking units needs to remain conventional where you build certain buildings to gain access to new units.

There are also some things I think Halo wars needs.

1: Raise the unit cap. 30 and 40 were OK, they weren’t too unbearable but there needs to be a bit more depending on the scale of the game, the PC version should have a higher unit cap as well.

2: Larger maps. Some maps in the original Halo wars felt kinda small, I would love to see larger maps in Halo Wars 2.

3: Interactive terrain (To a small degree) This is something I’ve seen die out in modern RTS games. There should be cliffs that are weak that can be blown up to create a path, or buildings that can be garrisoned to provide better cover for infantry, but there also needs to be a quick way to clear said buildings…say flamethrowers or a flood spore attack somehow?

4: More units. Halo Wars was a great game but I feel it lacked units overall, additional units would be great.

5: Controllable pelicans. In Halo Wars original pelicans were told to go one place, pick up units, and drop them off somewhere else. I think in Halo Wars 2 they should be able to be ordered around like any other unit.

I COMPLETELY AGREE with the all of these.
i swear man, if they add rng or microtransactions to halo wars i am going to lose my sanity.

As long as it doesn’t turn out to be like the failed Generals 2 game.


I liked there being small maps.
I hope the same blood gulch map is back again, was great for quick all out wars.

Microtransactions are not inherently harmful. I thought Halo 5 implemented them well, but for Halo Wars 2 I have no idea how they could implement them. RTSs don’t seem like a Microtransaction friendly type of game.

if they want to profit from halo wars 2 in that way the best way would be to sell custom skins.
Like I had an honor guard tank in halo wars 1, let me buy that skin in halo wars 2, maybe ODST’s with different coloured armor… etc.

i disagree with number one

I think they should bring back some old leaders like Anders and the Arbiter the exact same as they were in halo wars as they were fan favourite

I agree with raising the unit cap.

I think that in Halo Wars 2 there should be mirror a focus on individual characters in the squads. For example, if a member of a marine squad is killed, then the squad would lose some of its firepower, and if the squad is healed, that individual wouldn’t come back from the dead. Also, with grunt squads, if the elite/brute leader dies then the grunts would panic.

OP seems really picky.

unit caps way higher and same control scheme. Thats all I ask for.

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> Microtransactions are not inherently harmful. I thought Halo 5 implemented them well, but for Halo Wars 2 I have no idea how they could implement them. RTSs don’t seem like a Microtransaction friendly type of game.

Don’t test that theory please.


Don’t let Brian Reed or 343 mess with the game.

No microtransaction or REQ in the Game ( Dlc maybe)

No pre-order bonus.

Don’t release the game with little content. ( cough Halo 5 cough)

Do’s :

Fate of the spirit of fire crew

Brute and flood enemies

Stephen Ribby

I just do not want it to be Pay2Win

the only DLC I can see coming are maps, in truth, how would Creative Assembly add microtransactions smoothly? While it was implemented well in Halo 5, I don’t think it would go well In HW2. It would be really weird and an obvious cash grab. It would restrict the game.

Also, why no research trees? While I agree they slow the game down, If anything though, they should follow in what Planetary Annihilation did, they add an advanced factory that could be made by a T1 builder, then then the T2 factory could make T2 units and builders which could build other T2 things like better defenses and resource gathering structures.

Agree absolutely. Creative Assembly hope you’re reading this

these are awesome ideas!

Good ideas