THE DMR is not bleed through.

When ever I’m playing ZB team DMRs I notice that the pistol is a 4 shot bleed through and the dmr is a 5 shot no bt.
This needs to change that is another reason a lot of people are saying that the pistol is op because it has bt and its a 4 shot.If the dmr and pistol are going to both be in the same match together they both need to be bt and the same number of shots to kill.

It will bleed through, but only if the target has taken any other form of damage, such as having your foot in the blast radius of a frag or getting shot by 1 bullet of an AR.

IMO bleedthrough should not count headshots until shields are popped. Damage should go through, but not a headshot. Melees have a right to go through, but a headshot? I disagree, it gives three weapons in the game a sincere power buff, while others recieve nothing, further ruining the already-terrible weapon balance in the game.