The DMR can work as a map pickup

After playing Halo 3 throughout the week, I’ve come to remember why I appreciate BR and AR starts so much. The gunplay of every game I played was exactly what I have been missing in Halo 4. The perfect mix of mid range and up close and personal combat. And DUELING! BR DUELING!

Personally, I think spawning with the DMR was too much. It’s ability to cross-map and maintain accuracy over arguably large distances robbed Halo 4 of the intense gunplay and overall gameplay that previous Halos offered. There was also a clear difference in map movement.

Where this is most noticeable is in BTB. The lack of a DMR in Halo 3 granted the movement and vehicle combat and I believe this is partially achieved via the loss of incentive to just sit back and ping players. More importantly the apprehension involved with moving across the map, due to someone else’s ability to cross map you with a DMR, is completely absent.

I don’t think the DMR needs to be scrapped, I think it can work well as a map pick up only. Limiting the access to the power the DMR grants its user greatly frees up the map.

What do you think?

I agree with this wholeheartedly. In Halo 3, almost all encounters were more intimate; whereas in Halo 4, you can see players stay back and pick you off from afar. I don’t think players should be able to spawn with long-ranged weapons, as they have too far a lead in effective range when compared to the Automatics (and the mid-range precision rifles, to an extent). The fact of the matter is that the DMR is balanced by having superior range but is less powerful than the AR & BR, which encourages players to stay out of their enemies’ lines-of-sight and the result is a one-sided conflict in either scenario (close-mid range encounter, AR/BR wins almost every time; long-range encounter, DMR/LR wins almost every time).

Some people think that giving the DMR bloom would help to make the weapon less dominant at long-range (which it would to an extent), but that makes the DMR lose the only advantage that it has. It still wouldn’t be as useful at close-mid ranges as the AR/BR, and then wouldn’t be effective at long-range (or at all, in the long run). However, if it were placed on-map, the DMR (as well as the LR) could have a purpose and would be competed for. I’ve also explained this view in this topic, which I hope others will read.