The DMR, BR and Carbine (Opinions, Give em)

So there’s a DMR, A Battle Rifle and Carbine (I’ve seen the pics). Now I know Halo 4 will have other weapons, and I know the A.R is in there too. Yet when it comes to Single Shot (umm burst) rifles, It’s these 3 so far.

So how do you want them to act on eachother. The Battle Rifle. DMR and Carbine shouldn’t just be the same gun with diffrent sounds and looks. They need to take skill, but work together, No one of them should be too OP.

So here’s a simple way to look at it

DMR, Battle Rifle, Carbine

Close- ( Carbine, BR, DMR)
Mid Range (BR, Carbine DMR)
Long Range (DMR, Battle Rifle, Carbine)

Ammo Count_(By shots until reload)
Carbine, BR, DMR

Rate of Fire_
Carbine, BR, DMR

Overall Notes_

Carbine-Quick shot, But low power. However very accurate at all ranges.

Battle Rifle-Mid range KING. A good weapon, Good power. Overall the average good rifle.

DMR-The power house. Slow ROF. Longer range. Not so good at anything too close.

Of course a better player could use any of these weapons at any range and have an advantage. However this is all assuming the 3 players using these 3 guns are all the same.

Yet. What do you think. Do you like my general system. Or you have a better idea you think?

I’ll use the system in the game, and whenever I get the chance, I’ll be holding a Carbine.

I hope the DMR’s niche is purely long-range. Like you said, a relatively slow RoF would be great.

OP, I like the way you think.

The way I’m thinking about is this:

BR will take one less shot to kill than the DMR, but the DMR will have more range making it more attractive on larger maps whereas the BR will be the go-to weapon on small/med maps.

I don’t know how the Carbine will fit into this, but how many people actually prefer Covie weapons anyway?

I really think we’ll be getting a Forerunner equivalent to the BR so the same characteristics of BR vs. DMR apply to ForeRunner vs. Carbine.

I love the Carbine, more then the BR to be honest.

Makes me wonder if the NR will come back

The BR would have the slowest rate of fire, take the least amount of shots to kill, and have a bit of recoil to limit the weapon at long range.

The DMR would have the middle fire rate, taking one more shot to kill, but keeping the same kill time. There would be no recoil to make long-distance shots a bit easier.

The Carbine would have the highest rate of fire, take a few more shots than the DMR to kill, while having a huge amount of recoil to offset the high rate of fire. Long range shots would be easier than the BR, but a bit more difficult than the BR due to the intense recoil.

The Carbine would be much better suited to close-medium range, due to recoil mattering less, and the high RoF. The DMR would be the opposite, with its very low rate of fire and accuracy crippling it at close range. The BR would be able to work at any range, but only be the master at medium range, where it is equal to the DMR and Carbine.

That’s how I’d balance the 3 weapons, personally. Maybe make the Carbine fully-automatic, like the Needle Rifle, and nerf the RoF a tad. Keep the recoil to discourage full auto fire.

I agree with the layout you’ve suggested. I love the carbine and DMR but then I prefer single shot guns to the burst fire of the BR.