The different play styles of halo

Hello sparatans it is the" Halo insider" here with my 2nd topic. The different play styles of halo. The reason I am making this post is because many poeple believe there are only 2 main play styles aggressive and defensive. This is not the case. There are really ovet 30 different play styles. Im not going to go over all of them but I will go over a few. 1St. Aggressive. 2nd conservative. 3rd ghost. 4th All-round. 4th req master. 5th maestro. So lets start with aggressive/ A aggressive player is a person that likes to be in the thick of the battle. How do you know if your a aggressive player ask yourself these questions. Do you prefer automatic weapons over precision weapons. Do you play on a high sensitivity. Do go straight into battle rather than find vantage points. If you answered yes to a few of these questions than you are a aggressive player. There are coms to this play style. You well easily get picked off from long rangs. How do you know that you are a conservative player ask yourself these questions. Do like precision weapons over automatic weapons. Do you hang back and find vantage points rather than run into battle. How do know if your a ghost. Well are you lone wolf. Do prefer to take objectives. Are you a silent killer. All-round just means you all the previous ones combined. How do you know if your a req master. Well do you play a lot of warzone. Do buy a lot of req. Do bring in a lot of reqs then you are a req master, you hold powerful reqs to help your team win. Now to play you all have never heard about. It is my own custom play that I created. Basicly a maestro can control the flow or tempo of the game I make a separate post on this topic.