This is a recent update from connection problems, and DDOS attacks from DOTA 2 servers

This is how to show improvements and progress, they are treating their masses with respect by having detailed description of what the problem was and how it is being resolved.

What we get from 343 is this is a 20% improvement to matchmaking services, and “non-matchmaking bugs, and a variety of title-specific issues, has been completed and is going through testing and certification. We are currently targeting a release of Wednesday 11/19 for this content update.”

We need more transparency, more information, these are reasons why people are getting refunds and are leaving already, too many people sitting in the dark

Why do you think you need more information?

Please read above, the answer you want is in the post.

But if you cant bothered reading the link, this is what i mean:

Good networking connectivity is a requirement for a good Dota 2 experience. While we work on the core problem, we’re also working on reducing its effects – this week’s update includes improved detection of Poor Network Conditions. Previously, our detection algorithm was only triggered when multiple players completely lost connection to the game server. This new algorithm will now monitor the actual quality of the server’s connection to its players, and trigger in the case of poor connectivity for multiple players. Matches flagged as having Poor Network Conditions will be immediately safe to leave, and won’t record their results.

We feel we need more information because it would show confidence AND competence in what they are doing, would you go to a mechanic about your car being faulty and accept “well there’s a doohickey loose somewhere but I don’t know what or where” or would you want to hear, “the problem is x, I’m going to do y and it should be ready for you in 5hours” because what the op is saying is dota gives us x, y and a time. While 343i is giving us doohickies and somewhere. We deserve better.