The Didact? The Ancient Evil?

So in the recent PAX Prime Halo 4 panel, an image was leaked which supposedly is the “Ancient Evil”. And it appeared almost as an large AI construct.
Also out of PAX Prime, pictures from the latest ViDoc show The Didact’s name appearing several times in the script.

Now we can safely assume The Didact is the ancient evil.
But why?

The Prometheans have supposedly been on Requiem on 100,000 years, and the question was raised in the panel, what happens to an AI over that long a period of time? They go rampant. The same theory could be applied to The Didact, before he activated the Halo array, he made an AI of himself, which has now gone Rampant.

This could explain why we’ve seen orange and blue Prometheans, perhaps the blue ones are allies which are newly produced?

I don’t know, just throwing ideas around.

Can we see the pic?

27:38 is the time it appears.
Listen to their reaction as it shows up.

thats early concept of the Knight

No just after that, the ingame screenshot.

The image you’re talking about is the concept art for the Promethean Knights. How nobody else doesn’t know this is unbelievable as the Panelists said it themselves five seconds after it showed up on screen.

> No just after that, the ingame screenshot.

That’s just the In-Game model of the same creature, it’s just a little different. Look closely at it.

yeah thats early gameplay against the knight you can see a different version of the HUD witch proves it’s early