The Didact as playable in Halo 5

I, as well as many others, believe the flood are returning to the series in some form for Halo 5. In this scenario, it would only make sense for the Didact to join forces (reluctantly) with Humanity, and avoid repeating the mistakes of 100,000 years past.

If this were to happen, would you want at least a few missions where you could play as him, or would you rather stay MC the whole way? I personally would love to play as the Didact, not for half the game, but for say 2 or 3 of 10-12 missions, that would be perfect.

How would he control? I guess exactly like Chief, except faster, stronger, bigger etc. You could even get a cool armor ability that would act like a force push, using the constraint fields we’ve seen him use. Naturally the quantity of flood you would face would have to be 2-5 times higher than usual, which could make for some hilariously chaotic levels. Unique weapons could really spice things up as well.

The fun part, how could this fit with the story? Well maybe we find out he is alive at the end of Spartan ops, or a trailer for Halo 5. He could capture Majestic (or someone) and use them as hostages to speak with someone further up the chain of command. Then, he would alert humanity to what his sensors have picked up at the edge of the galaxy… the flood/precursors. Naturally you would play as MC to investigate, get a few missions in before humanity has to turn to the Didact for help.

His missions could be centered around something humanity cannot do (or something he would not let them do). For example, going to the greater Ark to find/build larger Halos. Why? To use as weapons to clear individual planets/systems and turn the tide of this new war. With a mission like that, the flood Gravemind would be sure to notice, and send one hell of a resistance.

So anyway, would you want this type of story? How would you like the Didact to appear in later games? Or would you rather he stay dead?

Maybe play as bornstellar-didact.

Only at certain parts of campaign missions. or even Halo 5’s Spartan Ops.

So I guess where assuming the didact that composed millions in new phoenix wouldnt be the didact we played as. My Biggest question to the halo universe is If both didacts are alive. If yes. I could see the bornstellar didact playable in halo 5. Though, I miss arbiter so much.

> Maybe play as bornstellar-didact.

It should be a mission like MW2’s “No Russian”

Perhaps the Didact is personally storming Infinity and your tossing around Spartan IV’s like sacks of potaters.

I to believe the Flood will return in Halo 5, and will bring the darkest chapter with them. However I believe its very possible the Didact could/should be the reason the Flood has returned. I can see the Didact being desperate and having dark thoughts after his defeat in H4, and he is getting time now to see just how strong humanity has become.

343i makes it look like they dont want anyother force to take center stage with John 117/humanity, so I have zero belief that we will ever split campaign time with any nonhuman ever again. Spartan Thorne is making a case to become a main character worth playing as in the near future IMO…