The Didact and Jul M'dama

I have been wondering in the back of my mind for this whole season how Jul has so much information on the UNSC and who Dr Halsey is and even more importantly why he is trying to get to the Librarian. For Jul to be called The Didacts Hand we have to assume that at some point the Didact and Jul have talked and The Didact has given Jul some orders that either he does not fully understand or Jul is using the religion thing to his advantage and keeping his comrades in the dark about his real plans.

I guess my main point would be that from what we have seen it seems that Jul has had direct contact with the Didact after New Pheonix unless the Didact ordered Jul to awaken the Librarian before trying to compose Earth. On another thread I read somewhere that maybe Jul has orders to destroy the Librarian Essence so that she can no longer help humanity along their path. I also wonder if the Didact knows or even cares why Jul is pretending to worship him when they both actually want the same thing. I would love to see the Didact come walking in after he realizes Jul has failed and choke him to death for letting Halsey get to the Librarian first.

I guess we just have to wait for the next episode but I really hope the include the Didact so we know for sure that he isn’t dead and we get a clear reason for Juls actions.

Really all i want to know is if Jul is acting out of his own free will or if his instructions are coming from the Didact himself.

When did the Didact and Jul actually meet? What type of agreement did they reach? Why didn’t the Didact just compose Jul and the rest of the covenant remnants? It would have served his purpose better and he might have had more success fighting humanity with a whole composed covenant army