The devs and hard working employees deserve props

I know it’s not the current opinion of the game. I do agree that there are massive short comings in producing value to the player outside just gameplay. This is an issue with business, marketing, and strategy not the hard working digits-to-keyboard devs. They have worked diligently, it shows, as the game itself is spectacular.

I wanted to make a post about how they should be appreciated. I have read, I do not know how truthful it is, they had to work through a weekend to get us the beta early. Thank you for your work! The negative aspects should not overshadow the hard work that is being done and the unsung hero’s should get appreciation.


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Nah their a AAA dev team now that where given the longest development time of any Halo and biggest budget of any game ever in history. I’m not cutting them any slack

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I will say the gameplay is amazing. I am actually a little addicted to the combat, so props to them their. I am however very disappointed in the lack of content. I absolutely love big team battle. Its my go to mode but 3 maps after 6 years are you kidding me. Should have launched with at least 5, but you got to drip feed us like hamsters. If it wasnt for the good combat (which again good job devs, love it) i wouldve lost interest days ago.

You do realize there’s more than 3 maps right?

For btb, theres 3. I am a fan of the arena maps (the majority of them anyways) but i dont play it to much. Im big team all day and like i said the devs killed it combat wise. Just wish there were more than 3 btb maps. Its cold war all over again, except this game is actually good.

Halo 3 launched with 2 (maybe 3) big team battle maps. Sand trap, Valhalla, and last resort (last resort just felt too cramped for a BTB map imo.

Halo reach launched with 3 BTB maps, boardwalk, boneyard, spire.

Halo 5 technically launched with no dedicated BTB maps, and instead those were added in an update later on and were all made from forge maps, not actual pre existing maps

Point is lots of the halo games launched with 3 or less BTB maps. It’s actually pretty standard