The despawn rate

It was optional at least. You could hold the melee button to do the full assassination animation and receive extra points for doing so or tap the melee button to simply get the regular assassination kill and not lock yourself into the animation. It was a trade-off, and I’ll definitely agree you were probably better off not doing the drawn-out animation for the extra 5 points most of the time as it left you open to getting killed or even a teammate stealing your kill.

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I suppose you aren’t wrong. It was an extra few seconds. There were some animations that weren’t very stand out ish and didn’t cause a scene every time it happened.

@Scaggles plus those extra 5 points don’t go towards anything except maybe in a ranked match which I’m not 100 percent sure about.

Despawns have been bad since Halo 4. It’s not as bad as Halo 4 but the despawn of weapons are pretty damn fast

Wanna know where that few seconds went, weapon swapping. I die more from trying to swap weapons then I ever did while in an assassination animation. It’s unbelievable.

Blame the Pro league.

They want death to be a REAL punishment of failure. It is because the Pro Leagues all want every match to be “quick” and “action packed” and “anxiety inducing”.

Also they want the radar to be 18 meters rather than the standard 25 meters, so now with a Thruster Pack, you can close the gap form the edge of someone’s radar, go in for a sword-lunge, and kill them in literally .17 seconds. Literally no time to react if a swordfighter suddenly blitzes down a hallway at you.

With some decent headphones and/or head set you should be able to hear those thrusters burn or the sword regardless of the the radar. I don’t know how far the radar actually detects in any video game unless it tells me right on the screen. Even when it does I take it with a grain of sand. I don’t really need to mess with my real life depth perception any more then it already is.

I’ve tested it a few times with friends. With a thruster pack, and a sword-lunge, you can close an 18 meter gap by sprinting, thrustering, and then lunging.

And you close that gap in .17 seconds. That is POINT-ONE-SEVEN SECONDS

And what makes the sword worse? It has a crappy zoom glitch.

You know how your targeting reticle turns red when at the optimal range with your weapon? Well, all the guns in the game have a better optimal range than the sword. But if you swap quickly from your gun to the sword and attack; the window is large enough that the code for the other reticle is still active.

This allows you to lunge at nearly DOUBLE the distance with the sword !!
An exploit as broken as Halo 2’s BXR

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The despawning rate and allotted bugs that come with the am incredibly short despawn rate are back thanks to the -Yoink!- sympathizers.

Why revive dead chat?