The despawn rate

I have noticed that the despawn rate is awful. I have noticed no mater how small the map is I am never able to pick my weapons or gear back up. Players aren’t picking them up they are despawning due to bugs before I get there. Bugs like that make this game unenjoyable for people. I know the weapons and etc are completely despawning because I don’t even see my body when I get there.

I have also noticed there are a huge amount of missing maps in this free released part of the game.

In addition to the despawn rate. I have noticed players that have unlocked through purchase the reach armor their weapons don’t drop at all. I’m a fiesta match I killer a guy in Jun’s armor with a sword from behind he was holding a rocket launcher. The rocket launcher didn’t drop and I know for a fact my teammate who I saved from dying didn’t pick it up. It was no where to be found.


I died with a Bulldog & went to pick it up again and found it to despawn moments before I reached it, the despawn rate is unusually unforgiving.


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Thanks, I’d appreciate it.

If a weapon has no more ammo left it will disappear when dropped.

I agree that the weapon despawn rate is a little aggressive. I don’t notice it often and have had some luck retrieving weapons that drop when I die or after I die, but sometimes they’re just gone and I’m positive that nobody else has grabbed them.

Honestly, it’s too early for me to critique this. I don’t have complaints about it right now and I hope it will work well in the future when there are more weapons on the map.

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I’d prefer picking up an empty weapon. Then I at the very least know it’s empty. The weapons I dropped weren’t empty.
The rocket launcher that the guy in the Jun armor wasn’t going to kill him self with a close range rocket. There was definitely ammo in it.

I also found that the shotgun at point plank range only takes down a shield.
I have also found that removing a shield a head shot with a pistol doesn’t actually kill the player like it did in previous Halo games.

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Shield bleedthrough. If the shot that broke the shields was a headshot then it would kill without needing a second headshot now that the shields were down. I forget which games had it. It was added to Halo: Reach in an update via the TU gametype settings but wasn’t in Halo 3. I can’t comment on any of the other games.

Personally I’m glad it’s gone. It lowers the skill ceiling but raises the Time To Kill (TTK). I’d rather not have it then have it, but that’s coming from someone who doesn’t like how it was handled in Halo: Reach.


I think your wrong or don’t understand what I am describing and it’s broken. If the shield is down; in ANY of the previous halos; and you head shot the no longer shielded player, he dies with a single bullet to the head with most of weapons in Halo. The health base of the player is definitely higher then in previous Halo video games.

For some reason I can’t post photos which is okay. Memes are unprofessional. So, I’m going to describe a movie scene that I can relate to when my grammar and spelling isn’t correct and the autocorrect in my phone. Have you ever seen Independence Day where the lead scientist gets possessed by the Alien and talks though him?. Yea it’s kinda like that.

Agree. It does seem very short compared with previous titles but i’ve managed it a few times if you respawn really close.

I disagree. I think it’s short and it was fixed and then it went back to being aggressively short.

I was thinking the same thing. I’m sure it’s to save system resources, but it sucks. It kinda ruins the immersion too beyond just the gameplay.

Halo 4 was the same. You can die, respawn, beeline it back to your corpse and everything is already gone in under 10 seconds. I’ve seen the weapons despawn right in front of me as I was about to reach them, its aggressively short for seemingly no reason other than that’s how it was on 360. Every other game in the MCC doesn’t see weapons despawn that quickly and its 100% not a resource problem now.

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The despawns are insane.
I got into a fight over the rockets on Bazaar, I was able to kill the guy who picked them up without him firing a shot, but I had to retreat from his team mates and run around a bit, by the time I got back to where they should have dropped there was no sign of them on the ground after the team was wiped.

I can kinda see a reason for getting them off the ground and back onto their spawn pads sooner, but I think it takes too much away from having to maintain more dynamic control of the battle and player awareness.

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Yeah it’s impossible to reclaim dropped weapons and equipment unless someone else picks them up and drops them afterwards.

there’s alot of hit registry issues too i think like i thought melee was an instant kill to unshielded… doesn’t seem that way.

Most of the time it is and a kill from behind doesn’t show an animation but it does ‘insta-kill’

There’s an animation for it??? and i said unshielded as in guy who had his shield stripped

Reach, halo 4 and 5 all had an assassination “animation”. If there was one for Halo:Infinite it may have been scrapped or etc for what ever reason they saw fit.

i think the issue with that animation was it made you a target because it slowed you down.

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