The Delicate Heart of a Spartan - Episode 1 (Pilot)

This is my production groups first original comedy series; we’re gonna be working on around 7 episodes and then start on another product but if people enjoy, then we’ll continue it…maybe.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy and comments are always appreciated. :slight_smile:

LOL! That was good! Nice production values too. :slight_smile:

> LOL! That was good! Nice production values too. :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:
episode 2 is already done but we’ll upload that later; sorry for the logo, the annotation explains it but still, we’re really mad at them.

We’re mad.
real mad.
Thank you for the comment! :smiley:

I like the cut of your jib, keep up the good work.

Oh. My. God.

That was one of the most hilariously written Machinima I have seen in a long, long time.

> On a constructive note, I’d get rid of the theme music. It sounds too… idk.

Great job, the jokes were hilarious!

> On a constructive note, I’d get rid of the theme music. It sounds too… idk.

Nooooooo! I like it!

But seriously, that was an awesome machinima, I couldn’t stop laughing. Really looking forward to the next episodes.

Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments. We’re really glad that you guys enjoyed our video and remember to subscribe for more videos. Episode 2 is already done, so expect that sometime this weekend :smiley:

Hey guys, it is I, Strangetalk, Firelight Studios’ writer and one of the founding members. I joined the forums here to participate in the thread. I’m glad you enjoyed the jokes and dialog. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the upcoming episode two (three is in production). If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

A little anecdote on how The Delicate Heart of Spartan came to be: OwnedDa Pope came to me, saying he wanted to write an original comedy machinima, and he had a script. He sent it to me, because I have experience in writing scripts and stories in general. So, I gave it a read and to be honest, it wasn’t really that funny. At all. So being bored and feeling creative led me to offering my help to him. He accepted, and I immediately went to work on TDHS Episode 1. I wrote it up in about 30 minutes right then and there. He needed voice actors, so I said I’d voice as Matt, seeing as how I named him after myself. Then we got Avcracy to join in as Chris. And the rest is history.

We have a few other projects in mind, including a dark drama (filmed on Halo: Reach, of course) to contrast with TDHS.

Thank you for pointing out my bad comedy writing :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah it’s true.
Anyway, seriously we all like that you enjoyed the video. If you have any constructive criticism don’t be afraid to tell us, we enjoy it.

Oh and Episode 2 will be released tomorrow or sunday.