the default keybinds are horrible for halo 4

I am 100% sure these keybinds we’re made randomly, aside from the ones like wasd and left click. like, just go check your keybinds and tell me a sane human being decided “y’know what? these are some comfortable and perfectly usable keybinds.” and not only that, but there were like at least 15 unbound things. I had to leave my match to hop into forge to rebind the keys, which took me more than it should’ve. and you can’t even change your f-ing FOV or graphics settings without needing to bind ALL keys, even ones you won’t use. extremely annoying. for example, what if someone has a low end pc and has to set everything to low, but can’t without binding every key? but to bind the keys he would need to hop into a game to make sure they actually work as intended.

kinda stupid rant to a easily fixable problem, but stil, it’s annoying as f.

Its called a Flight for a Reason, not the Retail launch of the game.

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> Its called a Flight for a Reason, not the Retail launch of the game.

yeah ik, which is why I’m making this post lol. I never said it was the final stage, I don’t know what made you think that.

I mean, sure maybe I was a bit rude, but it was a rant lmao

One thing I observed, for the defaults, most commands are shifted down by one. A command will have a bind that makes sense for the action above the one you have selected. It’s weird.

Worth sending in a ticket about, for sure.

Just set the keybinds dude, don’t get mad for that reason

Hi there, please make sure and file any bugs reports to the Insider Support site. Be sure to read the known issues list before reporting. Thank you