The Death of Halo

Watching this video depresses me, because it shows how far Halo has fallen from the Halo we use to know. That and it makes me feel old. If you are going to say something dumb at least watch the video before you do. 343 if you watched this, I would not only be surprised, I would hope that you would see what you have done to our beloved franchise.
The Death of Halo : The Franchise That Forgot Who It Was

These sorts of posts are not constructive. I would much prefer if you put your effort into saying something constructive. Halo’s not dying. There are countless factors relating to the various changes in game design and player base. You can’t look at slanted depictions of half the information and expect it to adequately depict the whole.

I didn’t make it to the three-minute mark on the video because it uses Angry Joe as a source, and from personal experience watching that episode from Angry Joe’s show when it came out, he’s not intellectually honest when it comes to this topic.

It is the kind of video you see around youtube that uses clickbait titles and specific, dishonest and biased examples to determine the Halo franchise as a whole and spread misinformation. Please, don’t support that.

If Halo died as many times as the community claimed it did, Microsoft would go bankrupt paying for funerals.

On the bright side, surplus steak pie.