The Dark Side of 343 industries (They don't care about Achievement and Progression System eg: SR152)

I like the coating a lot, I want to grind for it, but I don’t like how it’s currently unknown if you can still meet the requirements.

There should definitely be something for beating all of MCC on Legendary again like Helioskrill was, and there should definitely be something for beating halo Infinite on legendary.

There’s so little unlocks or even rankings that show dedication, or even skill in this game its shameful, unlike any game in the series before really.

If you guys want a dedicated OG watch dogs skin that’s like white instead of silver or however it is now I’d support that because I definitely think that if they make SR152 coating available to get again it should not be taking away at all from the OGs who did it first.


I can’t speak for everyone, but myself, I just wanted something unique, that can NOT POSSIBLY be confused as something else. Whether a vanilla stock skin, or a $9.99 skin, as it does now with light grey looking basically like the Watchdog Skin, and the Watchdog gun skin looking basically like the one in the store now (I cannot remember the name of it, but it’s basically the same, with like 2 colors in reverse)… Idgaf if it’s baby :poop: green, pink, rainbow, what it is, as long as it Is not mistakable. No color is going to be 100% loved, that isn’t the issue. The issue is how it seems 343i, went out of their way, to make sure the Watchdog reward would be 100% hated. If it’s not liked, then you’re more likely to buy a skin. I love 343i, I love Infinite, I’m not being negative, I appreciate everything they do. I’ve said it a dozen times, I’ll buy however many skins you want, within reason, just give us a legendary watchdog reward. Make it to where any legacy rewards in the future, people will WANT to complete, and won’t be afraid of being gas lighted. Here’s a simple fix, and as I say this, know I hate chrome, and red with a passion. Make watchdog chrome like it was on the preview, keep the red that is on it, and never ever make any chrome palette available in the store. There’s no possible way that would break the bank to fix, or take weeks to iron out.


I just wanted a reward pack with a bunch of unique stuff that would make ppl be like “how did he get that” or “wow, that guy must have done a hard challenge”.

Right now we don’t feel unique for the amount of effort it took to reach that milestone of 152. Like an armor coating is lame when other coating will look similar. Why couldn’t we have gotten a special helmet or armor set that makes us stand out.

Coatings are kinda cool but they are basic imo. The weapon skins are cool because you physically can see that when you play. But why not a really cool animated nameplate, very unique emblem and stuff like that.

Shoot I would have loved the inheritor helmet with the skull from reach as a reward but make sure it’s unique if there’s a similar one to unlock.

Like imagine the haunted helmet but an animated hologram skull inside instead of the regular skull. That would be so bad -Yoink!- and the visor color would change the hologram color.


They said there was no time limit but i wouldn’t grind for SR152 anymore as u can see the state of this game and how 343 is handling things. there was a stream were they mention it. i cant find it anymore.


That seems to be the consensus of all of us. I mean there was obviously time put into the stand out items in the store, that can be bought. Why was there no time put into Watchdog reward, after the time we put in on H5. It’s literally the hardest to get reward on H5, just from the sheer time you have to put into the grind, so why is the reward for it, less than walking into a store, buying an energy drink, inputting the code, and instantly getting a better reward. The ghost face reward, another great idea sir, kudos to you. That would’ve been great, so long as no other “faces” we’re put up for sale, it would’ve actually stood out! I’m sure that will be available for Halloween though, along with pumpkin grenades on a chest plate, probably even a pumpkin helmet… All of which, is instantly better than Watchdog…


They are arrogant and disloyal.
In H5, because of the false propaganda of the campaign, the change of the protagonist and the problem of the plot, the game’s reputation has fallen to a low ebb, but they blame the problem on trivial matters such as art style or open the box, and will not admit their mistakes.
Now they want H5 to be a black history for people to completely forget about it, and they don’t care about the players who spent thousands hour in H5.


I’m Glad to see this thread is still alive.

I would rather play 5 than infinite, and get something cool for when they finally fix the game, because they HAVE TO, Microsoft isn’t going to let this IP fail


That is true but when though and at wat cost, after they kill there player base like halo 5. man i wish they would do what they promised. if u go back to all the stuff they said before September there literally little to non when it comes to all the things that were supposed to out when the game released.


The best coatings are only at the store. Bruh


I really miss those good old days were u can unlock stuff and u get what u unlock not something else.


It’ll be a rework of cosmetics and more crazy fortnite tier cosmetics to get the normies into this franchise, and things whales and other people want to buy.

The game hardly works and as you said almost none of the promises they gave were fulfilled.

Desync is the number one issue though and why I’d rather play halo 5, which is the last halo I haven’t really gotten my fill of, infinite may be more fun at base gameplay but base gameplay means nothing when it’s basically unplayable for me dispite everything I try.


If we can grind for sr152, we can grind to keep a forum alive. I intend on giving a solid year to making sure it’s kept alive, though eventually it’ll probably be muted, due to negative talk lol… That’s why it’s important to say positives at the same time :flushed:


Welcome to any form of social media in 2022, any form of thinking that is slightly controversial is good enough for you kiss your A goodbye.
I miss bungie, even bungies mods aren’t as bad is this automated bot garbage.


I’ll be the first to line up, and kiss the ring of 343i, for MCC alone. I happen to also love Infinite. That being said, we got bamboozled, when it came to Watchdog. I’ve already been banned once on waypoint, I’m seriously surprised noone official has responded to even one of these inquiries. I chalk that up to more important things to do with Infinite being a new release. If no word within 6 months, I’m going to migrate onward, and check back in another 6. I finished the battle pass like 3 weeks ago, stopped buying any credits, and doubt I will again until I see how this plays out.
PS- I bought the game at full price as well, and glad I did still…


(I see that this post is from December, I’m still going to give my thoughts on it.)

They really screwed those of us who did the work over in every way imaginable. “Oh look, you like the armor coating? Screw what it looked like in the preliminary images, you get dirty steel and matte red instead of polished aluminum and a nice crimson shine! You like the weapon coatings? Screw you too, they no longer match the armor and are only for three weapons! You wanted a vehicle coating? God, what are we, generous? Screw you along with the others, absolutely not!”

I get the feeling this post will be flagged by at least a dozen people for the way I’ve talked, but I don’t care. Us 152’s know what we deserved, and this sure as hell wasn’t it. I know the deal was originally just to have the armor and weapon coatings, but I like the sound of Vehicle coatings after the disaster it turned out to be. I want to be noticed, not look like another overpriced shop bundle! Because that’s exactly what I look like, and I’m not happy about it. Ironically enough, people will probably recognize 152’s for what they got screwed out of, not the work they put in. But that’s just the sad truth, isn’t it? We were some of the most dedicated, some of the proudest, some of the best. But 343 doesn’t see our group as “Watchdogs.”

To them, we’re just dogs. Nothing more.

(By all means, flag me. I’m just unhappy with the way things have been going, and I know I’m not the only one. So before you do flag me, remember that we’re all players at the end of the day. We’ve all put in different levels of work and all have our varying amounts of satisfaction with the game and the way 343 has handled it. I personally love the game, but they should have done more to deliver in certain areas, especially since half the things they failed to deliver fully on were already added at launch, if not present in the beta.


I mean I don’t know what there is to flag, everything you just said is the truth :person_shrugging:… We literally put in more time, in games, than some of the employees at 343’s entire time there. Let that sink in, if you haven’t got to sr152, another way to think of it is playing a game 10hrs a day, every single day, for 11 months. As Globex stated, there’s no other way to put it, other than we deserve it to stand out, be even the slightest bit recognized at the very least. As of now, cat ears are more of a wow factor, than something that takes that long to earn. If I could read this a year ago, I would be certain I was trolling… Sadly, cat ears are in fact, more noticeable than Watchdog.


I agree! Which is why I use both. I stick out with the cat ears, to counter the blend effect Watchdog currently gives me. It’s a 200 IQ play.


Well played sir, well played indeed, Max IQ gained :rofl:

I have nothing against all the obvious money generating store items btw, that’s not the issue, by all means, make that money 343i. Just to clarify :rofl:

I don’t have a problem with the store but I wanted this skin to stand out even from things that would come later in the store. Doesn’t have to be even better then stuff in the store (the cyber showdown coating and winter contingency coating really stand out) but ours should have been on that level. What we got is something that people would barely even glance at. It’s on par with the dirty faded default skins that the game launched with that look so bland and boring.

TLDR: the store is fine but it shouldn’t be that most or every skin that is sold looks better then our 152 skin. Ours should be on the same level at the very least.