The Dark Side of 343 industries (They don't care about Achievement and Progression System eg: SR152)

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They Closed a post of my were i explained the issues of Achievement/Progression system and showed and example how 343 screwed up SR152 on a Different Forum Thats Amazing. (On Halo Infinite Forum)
Anyways Here are the Details from that post

Title: The 152 Armor Coating is a Scam (By High Octane Halo) not my channel btw but he did a good job of making a good meme

So they can make a Metallic Coasting with no problem inside the shop . But they cant make a Coating for all those players that put time, energy and money on SR152 Reward (Watchdog Armor).
Before 2020 Dec the stats (U can only find video bcoz all Halo 5 stats are gone) there were only less than 2000 players who hit 152 but after what they showed on Dec there are more or less than 5000 to 6000 players who got SR152.
The only way people were able to do that was grind on Halo 5 Mythic Firefight (Which is absolutely horrendous) but even then you wont reach. People were dedicated enough that spend LITTRALY 1000 $ to buy the Legendary Boosters.

(a normal game gives u max on arena is 2000 exp, on warzone 5000 to 15000 xp to get SR 152 Level you need 50 Mill [50,000,000] xp. With Booster u can get 11k (11,000) xp added to your total to do that you are forced to buy Legendary Xp Booster, which costed 5$. Now u can use your imagination or take a rough estimate how much people would have spent)

No Response from 343 after Reporting the issues, no feedbacks, not a single explanation on this Issue on waypoint.

Not gonna lie, I love this game but man with all the issues such as server issues, progression system, bad microtransaction, lack of playlist, no coop, no custom games, pc issues, and top it of the achievement you worked hard to get screwed over makes anyone really doubt 343 (Not ALL of them btw).

At this point they better give fix it and make the weapon skin universal

what happened to all the value of keeping the core fundamental. Every halo game gave what you earned and made it worth it. Over here people who spent
TIME (Personal Stat: spent 163d 19h 20m, Played for 3 years straight after launch made it to 148 then came back to get SR152),
ENERGY (had to spent min 6 to 10 hours to get good enough xp per day from lvl 148 personally to SR152 lvl for 5 to 6 months straight) and
MONEY (I don’t even have to say anything u can do a rough math from above message). Now imagine how much people would have spent if they were lower than me or started the grind from lvl 50.

They Said Because Halo Infinite is free thats why they have to make the shop and progression the way it is. Then What about people who paid 60$ for the game 343, what about them. We used to unlock armors, skins, weapon coating on previous game, now u unlock a banner for completing halo infinite.


It’s their break lol. So dont expect them to just come into work on their break to talk about this. Sure they know about it and will hop on it once back.

Next you’ll say: “343 doesn’t care.”

It takes two seconds to hop on a forum post and be like yeah we wrong for that here’s what we can do.

If you see the difference between what was originally offered and what they provided you’d be as upset as this guy.


Yea like I am going to hop on a forum on my day off. That would be my thought if I worked there. First-world problems though right?

The holidays are no excuse for issues that have been raised at launch but continue to scape goat the holidays.


Scape goat? They’ve been vocal about the issues. Most just don’t take the time to actually read their socials or blog posts or other areas for info. But please, continue, this is entertaining.

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Hey Man, I will agree with u but they havent been vocal about anything related to SR152. If u can at least provide me one article were they address it and they say they will fix it. I would be every happy with it and the rest of people who had patients with S152. U have noo idea had much patients u need to get SR152 on Halo 5 playing min 10 hours a day.



Yeah it doesn’t seem like getting the SR 152 thing right would be too crazy to fix.

It’s hard to know how long those high player base numbers really stuck around for H5 though.

Do keep in mind halo MCC came first, it just wasn’t very functional until about 2 years after it’s release and it took about another year to stabilize and make multiplayer/matchmaking consistent. (3 years after its release)


If they do that with Halo Infinite its the end bro. Those streamers that were like this game will die in weeks will be right. i dont think 343 wants that


Fortunately, I don’t think 343 does either. I think the lack of support with MCC for those first couple of years was so that they could focus on H5 on the year leading up to H5 launch and h5’s first year live. I don’t think it did as well once the hype settled, and many people still wanted a working MCC, and it’s clear they put a lot into MCC which I think brought a lot of people back.

It looks like they’re all in on infinite though and don’t need to worry about splitting their focus. I think there’s some hope there


Yeah the skin fix should be easy to do. As a modeler who works in a PBR workflow all the time, it would take 5 minutes to adjust this skin with their existing substance painter file, (assuming that’s what they use). Raise metallic value a bit, lower grime opacity a lot, turn the grey to a bit more white, and in my opinion change that dull maroon to a shiny vibrant red like the guns are, and it’s done. 5 minutes tops.

I don’t think a significant amount of people stuck around to play halo 5 and it’s a very small fraction that got 152. It’s just clear that a very high number played the game at one point or another throughout its life.

I stand corrected, I thought MCC came out first so that’s my mistake. I have never thought halo 5 was going to be ported to the MCC so I wouldn’t think of ignoring it existed just because of that.

I’m right there with the other 152s about this skin. It feels like a bait and switch, it feels like a letdown and currently I feel like I wasted months of my life for that skin. It’s made all the more worse seeing 10 dollar/ 20 dollar skins in the shop that look much better regularly. Right now there’s a nice shiny iron man coating that stands out and looks cool. Meanwhile my 152 coating doesn’t stand out at all. It makes me think they made it look bad so even our small group would be pushed to buy things in the shop, and that’s awful if true


Check The shop- HCS skin for sentinels- if that skin was metallic instead of normal white and if u remove the right hand red polish on it, its basically SR152 coating. I feel for you brother to go through this as well.


Although I don’t have the skin nor will reach 152 I applaud you and agree. You’ve done the impossible and some would consider halo 5 a not good halo game, so even more props to you.

Hopefully you get some really cool armor or an armor effect you deserve for all that effort

EDIT: I feel the same way about the reward for beating all the main halos on legendary on MCC, in halo 5 I got an awesome Sangheli armor while in infinite I got a banner… nothing awesome either just a simple blue master chief helmet outline… like wtf that’s it lol.


Bro thats a big issue. You and everyone else who put there time and effort should get rewarded wayyyyy better than a Dumb banner. What is going on 343. This is the worst way to treat all those players who have been together with this franchise at its thick and thins.

They Should reward us all with at least Armor Core, a Armor Coating/Skin, and a Universal Weapons Skin. Is this too much to ask. We have spent more money than 10 Dollar HCS Skin from the Halo Infinite Shop.

343 might say halo infinite is free. Ur not paying 60$ . Then what about people who paid 60$ why are they not giving us who paid 60$ (For just Campaign which is already ridicules) anything good.

We used to pay 60$ for Halo game that contains the whole game (Multiplayer and Campaign). But we paid 60$ for Halo Infinite (Campaign thats not even working properly).


Original Post; Click at your own discretion


I got a hidden flag from the waypoint. what is this. they really wont help us nor do they want others to know about the issue .

i forgot i cant even post screenshots


honestly words cant express how ridiculous this is, you basically get nothing in halo 5 and what they give in infinite is the equivalent of them spitting in your face. its like giving a homeless man a penny its not really better than nothing. They seriously couldn’t take a couple weeks of their time to implement a genuine reward, its not like they are a indie studio with a handful of people working on the game, they did the bare minimum for a reward. Well all we can do is talk about this till it blows up and they finally mention fixing it.


Hey Im not gonna say anything negative today. Merry Christmas to everyone (Even 343,)

I hope everyone have a wonderful Day and have fun on Halo


The Coalition do this to Gears players also. Many hard earned rewards and fomo challenges for skins were put in the store months later. Very disrespectful.

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it’s ok. We think Infinite is great bt 343 need to do better in several aspects. I’m not overly harsh as I know it was a beta rush launch before Christmas and they are comitting to work on big things into the new year. It’s a long term game like R6 Siege and expect progress over time.


i hope they do fix issues as soon as possible but i hope they dont do wat they did with halo 5. Anyway Merry Christmas bro