The Dark Side of 343 industries (They don't care about Achievement and Progression System eg: SR152)

A lot of core community Halo players have sticked around thick and thin of Halo when it was good and bad. And this is level of appreciation for people who were supportive of the franchise you show.

Less than 5000 players were able hit SR152 on Halo 5. Out of Hundreds and thousands of users who played Halo 5.

It was the worst grind ever. The amount of time, money and energy spent was ridiculous. (For anyone wondering how long it took will take to grind SR152 would be min 6-9 months min if u play 10 hours min without breaks on Mythic Firefight with 7 good teammates who knows what they are doing)

Imagine you spent 60 dollars on Halo 3 and they promised you can unlock Recon Armor by getting all of the Vidmaster Achievements or Hayabusa Armor by unlock all skulls but instead they changed it gave you default Armor with red paint on it.
Thats how bad this is.

Halo Infiniti is amazing but what 343’s doing is absolutely atrocious with skins and armor. Please stop disappointing us any further 343 and fix this.

At this point they better give fix it and make the weapon skin universal


Btw why can’t i post pictures as well with the post


Yeah I think the general consensus is that the guns look cool but the armor is terrible. There is also no reason not to give watchdog for vehicles and all the other weapons…


Exactly, they really need to give all the players who grinded all the way to SR152 better rewards. This really shows how little they think about there player base if there isn’t any backlash or huge negative effects.
I really love this franchise but 343 is giving mixed singles at this point.


I hope 343 would fix this issue.


Day 5 of no response from 343 devs. and dont believe they can ignore these issues forever.


This has been posted since day 1 and they have not responded or acknowledged it at all. They really need to fix it and tell us what’s on their to do list. There’s a lot of feedback that isn’t gamebreaking that still warrants acknowledgement


Hundreds of thousands? Halo 5?

Bahahahahaha. Well I guess I could imagine 99,999 or more actually played the disc. Not sure if they’d all be contenders for this honor though

It is not a very popular title. Many skipped it entirely


I know brother. Its a small minority people who spent time, energy and money on halo 5 even tho it sucked but we went and finished SR152 lvl like dummies. but show that if ur voice is not heard by them they just ignore the issue. (Not everyone on 343 tho , there are some people who are good but they might not have heard about the issues or cant help by themselves if possible)


It isn’t even in MCC. If I’m a completionist I have no choice but to pretend it never happened lol


First of all it’s ridiculous to think halo 5 didn’t have hundreds of thousands of players. So much so to laugh at the idea. A quick google search shows it could be anywhere from 5-10 million in the first 3 months. And this was before gamepass would boost that number because it’s still halo.

Second, any completionist who cares enough to call themselves that would not ignore halo 5 exists, they would get and play halo 5 on its own. Halo 5 came out before the MCC. It’s absence in it doesn’t mean anything and has nothing to do with the topic of this thread.


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Can u then fix SR152 Achievement . Its not hurting anyone nor is it against TOS. And I’m literally putting an issue that 343 has to fix bcoz they literally scammed.

Do u have any idea how much money was spent for that achievement


You only get a good prize if you reached;

H2 - 50
H3 - 50 (5star general)
Reach - Inheritor!
H4. - yeah don’t worry about that one
H5 - 152


I don’t want more stuff. I just want the skin to actually look like what was shown. We were shown a bright white glossy armor, and we got a dirty gray with blobs of red highlights.


My husband reckons anybody who made it to 152 should get a solid gold trophy sent in the mail - LOL
He said he’s at 148 and will likely never get enough time to get to 152. We are very busy and he only gets to have maybe 2 or 3 games a day, at best, some days none, because life. He’s been at it for around 3 years now.


I feel his pain. the only reason we all went for SR152 was due to lockdown. And it felt shi… for grinding. it was horrible. But eventually we made it to the end of the light to find ourselves bamboozled by 343. Props to ur husband for making it till 148.


I played for over 3 years on Halo Reach to obtain Inheritor. It was one of the most grueling yet fun multiplayers, I’ve ever experienced. I would love to see a max rank for Halo Infinite, to attribute to a later installment for dedicated players. Granted that was a long time ago, that I did that.


I really wish they would go back to how they used to treat there community. If u earned it, it felt like an accomplishment even if wasn’t a real thing. But with SR152 it was not at all fun i stopped playing after 3 years on Halo 5 (I was lvl 148) then i came back to grind it was gruesome. If it wasn’t for people who we dedicated to the Halo I wouldn’t have made it. But in the end it Halo is not the Halo we know anymore. 343 just scammed us basically.


If u guys want to know the Exact Detail How much TIME, ENERGY and MONEY u had to put into SR152.