The Dark Legions

Hello, I lead a Roman based military clan named The Dark Legions. We are looking for loyal, active members, and good forgers. We do daily trainings, have a set uniform, and we do raids often. We use discord to communicate when we are off of Xbox, and during clan meetings. We are a family, we joke around and have fun with each other. However, we are serious when it comes to clan things. We have two divisions: The Legio, and The Classis.
The Legio; legions, our army.
The Classis; the navy.
We also have specializations, such as;
Velites; our light foot soldier, cqb.
Saggitari; long range weaponry.
Legionary; Heavy weapons, and vehicles.
We have trainings for each specialization, however they are only in the legions.
Each Legion has its own leader, the same with each naval fleet.
If you have any questions or are interested in joining contact me on Facebook, discord, or Xbox.
Discord; Imperator Scipio#6974
Xbox; TDL Scipio