The Dark Legions, An Ancient Roman clan

We are an ancient Roman based military simulation clan. We are always looking for active, loyal members to join our legions. We are currently a small clan, and very tight nit family. We have ranks, and specializations that I’ll probably place below. Our only requirements are as follows. We do not tend to ally ourselves with anyone we deem 'worthless’ for lack of a better word.
<ul class=“lst-kix_o437qf71rgva-0 start”> - Twelve and up - Have a mic - Join the Spartan company - Join the xbox live club - Be an active member[/list]Our ranks, specializations, emblems, armor, colors, and architecture is all based off of ancient Rome, and its military. Our gamertags are all Roman based, and the culture of our clan is too. Our beginning ranks are as follows, they are the basic training rank, specialization training rank, and specialization rank.
<ul class=“lst-kix_nc7hxohafsq4-0 start”> - Munifex - Discens - Immunes[/list]Some of our specializations are
<ul class=“lst-kix_21ismk2zlnu0-0 start”> - Saggitari; archers, long range weaponry and pilots - Ballistae; heavy weapons and vehicles - Venator; elite foot soldier[/list]Getting out of basic and specializing normally takes a month and a half. Getting higher up through the ranks and becoming a drill sergeant takes a lot of work. So every member in our clan has to put in a good amount of effort. We expect each member to recruit at least a member a week. We are striving for achilles. We are accepting anyone who will join and meets the requirements.
Some of our higher ranks;
<ul class=“lst-kix_r5u6jhx1106w-0 start”> - Tessarius; second in command to the Optio. Staff Sergeant equivalent. In charge of the sergeants. Been in clan at least three months, 1 per company, 2 per legion. Raid to achieve. - Optio; runs all lower level training and discipline pertaining to the enlisted members within the legion. Ran a company. Equal to Sergeant major. Acts as a representative to the enlisted members of the clan. Must be in the clan four months. 1 per company 2 per legion. - Centurion; oversees the Optio. Experienced trainer and battle tactician. Acts as trainer for decanus, equivalent to lieutenant. Been in for 6 months. 1 per company 2 per legion[/list]Any questions I will address. I respond fastest on Xbox, my gamertag is TDL Scipio. If you reply to this post, it might take me a bit.

This is FallenAngel771 i am trying to join and require an invite