The Dark Knight Rise vs The Avengers

So what do you think about them but for I can’t wait for both of them in fact I am going to midnight showing of the Avengers.

The Dark Kinght Rises:"

The Avengers:"

The Avengers looks great, but I’m definitely looking forward to Dark Knight Rises a bit more. Bit biased, though, because I love Christopher Nolan.

Dark Knight rises, but it sure is close.

I’m looking forward to both of the movies, tho I’m looking more forward to Avengers than the batman movie because Avengers is going to be released in the next few hours, and I my not be able to see it until next week, or later.

I’m more excited for The Dark Knight Rises, it’s gonna be awesome!


I don’t like Batman and The Avengers was amazing.

I have never like anything about any of the Avengers.
The first Iron Man was the only decent movie out of all of them.

The Batman Trilogy, on the other hand, is hands down one of the decades greatest series.

You really can’t compare the two when you think about it. Avengers is set in a comic book type world. Dark Knight is firmly based in reality. I’ve seen Avengers and I absolutely loved it. It has set the bar for comic book movies to achieve for awesome. Avengers is like watching the ultimate motion comic book.
I’ve always viewed the Dark Knight movies as action/adventure films that happen to be about Batman. It might be a weird view I have, but I guess growing up with comic books and then seeing it on the big screen has something to do with it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Nolan’s rendition of Batman. But Marvel always wins over DC in my book, and outside my book… The Avengers was amazing. It doesn’t help that it was directed by Joss Whedon, that guy works magic.