The Dark Brotherhood wants You!

We are The Dark Brotherhood. We Fight, Achieve, Decimate, and Uphold as a family. We participate in many different competition and games alike, such as Halo: Reach. As we proceed in knowing that everything that we do as a family brings us closer together, we understand that everyone deserves the freedom to do what they want to outside of the console. Now that you know about us, there are some Rules that need to be held.

  • You Must Have a Fully Functional Microphone as you will not be permitted into the Brotherhood without one. - You Must be Over the Age of 13 Years Old due to the simple fact that a brotherhood cannot be upheld with a Squeaker in the mix. - You Must be Reasonably Coordinated which will be decided by any one of the members in the Brotherhood. - You Cannot Rage Out of a Winning/Losing Scenario. We fight every game until our last breath, do not let that go over your head. - Inactivity Will Not Be Tolerated. Over a month of inactivity will only dictate that you have no interest in the Brotherhood and you will be kicked unless you give a reasonable leave of absence to the Kings.These Rules are enforced heavily among the High Council and Brothers/Sisters alike. So If you are willing to allow yourself to become the greatest you can become with the help of people that will strive to make sure that you achieve your potential, then this is the Spartan Company you’ve been looking for.
    Additional Information:
    We have a Kik chat dedicated to members within the Brotherhood so if you with to be a part of it then send one of us a message to do so and we will gladly apply you to it.