The Custom Game Browser feels like half a feature still

My goal: Play Halo CE CTF

Issues I have:

“Pre-Game” needs to be its own “variant” where you can play smaller maps on startup then have it auto switch to large maps when it hits like 8 players. Right now its just some Slayer game mode that is annoying because it starts with Plasma Pistols. So please let us change Pre-Game settings.

Because of the above issue, I created a 2nd variant that is Team Slayer No Shields Shotguns as just something that is interesting for a smaller crowd to play until more people join. However, I have to keep restarting the server until it is the active map because it randomly chooses one to start with. Can we pick a specific order of maps please?

Because of the above issue again, I wish the Host could queue up maps that aren’t in the variant list. I could make a server that is just CTF but queue up Slayer/Team Slater for small crowds of players. So can the Host manually load a map/mode?

I don’t like the fact there is always a host that can take over the game. If I make a server, people join it, then I leave, someone else always takes control. I would rather this didn’t happen. What I would love is to be able to add Friends to a whitelist, and anyone on that whitelist can kick/ban but also be added to a pool of players that can take over as the Host. If no one is in the server that is on the whitelist, the new “Host” doesn’t get any abilities to restart map, kick or ban.

I ran Halo CE servers years ago so you can imagine my frustrations trying to use the CGB to emulate the old ways but it just doesn’t work. It would be great if we had better tools to emulate the old Halo CE servers so we can relive the good old days.

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I just wish we had our “OWN DEDICATED SERVER SOFTWARE!” sniff sniff