The current XP system incentivizes Microtransactions and needs an overhaul

I don’t normally post on forums for games much anymore, but this is Halo. I can’t sit by and see this happen to the best franchise out there. Not again…

The current Battle Pass progression system is in dire need of an overhaul. There’s realistically no way someone can level up the pass to a high degree without the help of Microtransactions. The only source of XP should NOT be from Challenges ONLY. The current challenges are great, but they can’t be the only thing. Just like McDonalds is great, but that shouldn’t be the only blessed thing someone eats…

The daily “play any match” challenge is a step in the right direction, but it needs to be more. A performance-based XP system similar to that of well… any of the other Halo games besides Halo 5 would be great. Halo Reach in particular.

Overall, the gameplay is enjoyable and gunplay feels crisp and superb. This honestly feels like a near-perfect hybrid of every Halo game we’ve ever had, “perfectly balanced, as all things should be” but seriously. Listen to your fans.

**Lose the greedy Microtransaction tactics and give your players a REAL Halo experience… **