The current way Multiplayer works?

Just trying to see about come clarification as I’ve only played 2 multiplayer matches so far in MCC.

Is lag no longer a real issue like it was in Halo 4 multiplayer?

There are no “hosts” anymore because matchmaking isn’t a peer to peer thing anymore, correct? We’re dealing with dedicated Microsoft/343 servers hosting the matches now, so there’s no alleged host advantage anymore, right?

I think I saw a host migration notification flash during a search for a match though. Was that a host migration from one Microsoft/343 dedicated server to another?

Are there any kind of “good connection” type options that I’m not finding like there were in Reach multiplayer?

The reason I ask is that I saw a thread with some tips to speed up matchmaking searches and one of the tips had to do with your NAT type and making sure your region specification was correct or close to where you were located in the world.

Why would a region specification setting even matter if we’re not dealing with players actually being the match hosts anymore?

Sorry if I have confused any terms.