The current state of Oreo's Coating event

This is more of a “what’s happening” to 343. I know they are not managing Oreo’s website, but they can definitely take a call or something like that.

About 2-3 days ago Oreo started this event in Europe, in which players can earn their coating by selecting a combination and receiving the code via email. During the first 5 hours, some players have found a way to obtain it - this is probably also because of the still not-so-high demand coming from the first hours.
After that, the high demand seemed to have crashed their website. Furthermore, since this was an event made only in Europe, people from other countries also tried to use VPNs and unlock the coating.
Those who completed their survey on the first day of the event noticed that no email with the code has been sent until now. In fact, I can confidently say that we all are waiting for the code.

On the last day, Oreo’s website changed the event in a way that it’s harder for people to get the coating with VPN or without the actual bar code from the biscuit.

My personal dilemma is this: For those who are still waiting more than 2 days for an email, Are we still getting this code or not? Have they decided to not send us the email? Should we still expect an email to come?

In retrospect, I just think the overall way this event has been organized is sad for multiple reasons. The lack of free coatings and overall color choices in-game makes us wish to get one with this event, and now we all are impatient to know what will happen next.


Its sorta ironic if you think about it. Now I cant rly blame 343 for how this event is regional. Its probably not in their control. Buts its funny how they probably werent expecting people to use VPNS and try to get the code. I mean- the customization sucks in halo infinite. Why didnt they expect people everywhere to try to get their hands on a free skin?

(at least they made all colors free now lol)

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Call me when they hold an event with Tim Tams.

Especially double coat. Straight from the freezer.

Best bikkie EVER.

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omg is that what that janky black armor is that I’ve been seeing every now and then? I am continually taken aback by the dumb **** that F2P has barfed up onto the game

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The only true Tim Tams are originals. King of biscuits.

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Did you get a code? E is for extortion bay is where the Ocean fiddles.

True dat.

Maybe it’s just a side effect of getting old. But “back in my day” the biscuit used to be bigger and thicker.

So the double coat feels right.

And perfect for eating straight out of the freezer.

But you are right about sticking to the classic. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the flavoured ones.

Classic dark ok.

Maybe even the occasional foray into the white chocolate ones (goes well with coffee).

But don’t get me started on the chewy caramel ones. Taste isn’t bad - but the texture is wrong for a Tim Tam. And you can’t slam it. Which is a travesty.

But having said that. I did try a Butterscotch one last week. Wasn’t too bad at all.


I love Oreos as much as anyone but the patriot in me can’t go past a pack of original Tim Tams.


@TotalTeeto117 - oh, I can ignore your constant down voting and attempts to bring everyone’s general vibe down.

I can. And I’ve been very patient.

But you don’t dis’ Tim Tams.


PM me and I’ll send you a pack as a peace offering… I guarantee that a Tim Tam Slam will turn your frown down under.

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I saw in a video it should have been in your spam folder within 5 hours. If you didn’t check spam, check again.

It took three days to get the email for me.

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It took a hour to get my code also regional exclusive promotions are stupid especially if the products are widely available everyone should be able to partake in it if they want to

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You can probably buy a code on Ebay if you really need that Oreo goodness.

They really missed a trick, not doing an Oreo twists pink/white/blue cosmetic.

is this thing going on in the UK as I popped into Tesco and Sainsbury’s Sunday and there was no promotion going on just normal Oreo packets.

Not really relevant to Oreos but rather promotions in general. I never got anything from the Doritos promo or Troli. Followed all steps correctly and even reached out to both via twitter.
Troli however, DM’ed me back within 10 mins, apologized and sent me 10 free codes for my troubles. Doritos left me on open…-_-

It’d be nice if 343 would offer some way for us to rate the promos they’ve done from a consumer standpoint. So far, If I include the pre-order promotion they did with walmart, the majority of the time the participant gets nothing.

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I got the code really quickly. But I must say even as Europe region player, this puzzle was not fun.

I dislike how much time I had to spend playing with actual cookies, making crumbs, and phone in the other hand. Who designed this, needs to understand it is not socially acceptable to play with food.

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It’s an underrated one but mcvities gold bars are the best chocolate bars going if you ask me.

They should make a coating for that instead.

I got two biscuit packs and still couldn’t unlock it because the cookie scanner doesn’t register anything. Why couldn’t they just put a code in the cookie pack and be done with it?

My guess is some smart -Yoink!- thought it would be fun to “gamify” the giveaway. Who knows, maybe the average age of Halo player is seven.