The Current State of Halo 4 Matchmaking

Let me just start off by saying I was extremely excited and optimistic about this game when I saw the new gameplay and the changes that I “thought” would be beneficial to the series. On launch day, I had the most fun ever on Halo since I played Halo 3. Everything was working out, there was a great balance, and the loadouts seemed to be working fine! Now, before I go into whats happening now, let me just say that 343, you have made an incredible campaign, easily the best in the series. Now, that being said here we go…The multiplayer in this game is worse than Reach. There, I said it. Loadouts and ordinance have completed ruined the battle for map control and strategy and led to an all out killing fest with no reward for teamwork. Most loadouts in this game currently consist of a DMR, Magnum, plasma nade, promethean vision/hologram, the explosives perk, and dexterity. I dont know how the game could have been made more unbalanced. I wanted to believe, deep down, that I could find some way, some hope, of using a battle rifle or carbine against these kids, but that is not the case. It is impossible to even compete with a team of players that sit and camp, cross-mapping you with a DMR, or at close range absolutely wrecking you with it as well. The explosives perk has destroyed the balance that existed before anyone was abusing grenades; there is now rampant spamming of frags, and people constantly trying to stick you. With the explosives perk, which i tested, the grenades are nearly as powerful as they were in Reach, and that was horrible. Lets take about the sticky grenades for just a moment though…THEY HAVE HOMING CAPABILITIES. I am not joking, test this out. When you throw a plasma grenade, you can notice that at first they fly straight, but then suddenly arc downwards or to the side towards the person they are being thrown at. I couldnt believe this when I noticed it, and me and my friends tested it out and its true; these grenades home. Now, the vehicle abuse on all the large maps, including Valhalla is just ridiculous. Why is there a banshee, mantis, warthog, ghost, and mongoose for EACH SIDE?! WHY? The banshee is almost unstoppable in the hands of a skilled pilot, and we all know the kind of bulls**t the mantis dishes out…remember when you said the mantis wouldnt be playable in multiplayer, 343? Yeah me too. Ordinance drops are glitchy, and alot of the time dont even show up on my map when they are called down at the beginning of the map or when I call them in myself. They contain weapons that shouldnt even be on certain maps, and change the tide of battle for the worse. This is only scratching the surface on the broken multiplayer that the game has atm, and im not even talking about the connection issues, prevalent lag, and terrible search times. 343, I really trusted you, I really did. You need to go back to what made Halo so fun to play. You need to go back to the simplistic style that Halo 2 had. No sprint, no armor abilities, no bullcrap “tactical packages” (*aherm perk ripoffs), and REAL WEAPON SPAWNS. By trying to make the most balanced game possible, you have created one of the largest imbalances that ive ever experienced in any game. Im going to play Halo 3, and anyone with some sense will do the same.