The current monetization and store is absolutely horrible

To put it simply, lower store prices all around and remove armor from the store, Especially ALL the reach armor. literally all of the reach armor should be earned through the battle pass or gameplay.

With how many customization items there are in the game that can be easily monetized on top of having plenty of free to earn items for each, it makes no sense that like 80% of the armor should be in the store, if anything the split should be the complete opposite. and every thing else should be a roughly 60/40 split in favor of earning cosmetics through gameplay; except armor, mythic, and kill effects, those should be 100% earned through the battle pass or hard to achieve commendations or challenges, like legendary solo campaign or LASO.

We have Kits, Coatings, Visors, Emblems, weapon and vehicle models and charms, AI colors and perhaps even models, backdrops, and stances. these are all thing that could be easily monetized outside of armor, and made and sold for cheaper, except AI models. they’re easier to produce in mass and selling them for cheaper would result in more people willing to buy them. the most expensive thing on the store should 10$ for a armor set, obviously money needs to be made, but the amount of stuff exclusive to the store is just horrible right now.

if you aren’t gonna take things off the store, at least ditch the 1 route of acquisition for store items and make them also earnable in SOME way.


I feel this so much. It is absolutely ridiculous that if you want to customize your Mark VII (The games flagship armor) you have to grind like crazy. I don’t mind the battlepass but the fact that 95% all the customization is money locked is absolutely ridiculous. Like the Anubis armor is coming back from Halo 5 and it looks better than ever but it is locked behind a $20 PAYWALL is ridiculous.

Right? if it was 10$ or less i’d 100% be like 3x more likely to buy it

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Agreed. I would consider buying the BP but it seems like it was stripped of rewards to pad the storefront. A truly abysmal showing compared to Reach.

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