The Cult is recruiting!

We are a small, community based clan of around 20 Spartans, looking for new members. We will be having game nights every Wednesday at 9:30 GMT. If you’re interested, message either myself (On here or on XBL) or my compatriot, DJCeti on XBL.

We’ll have a few games with you to see if you’re Cult material.

However, if you’re in a clan already, and are looking for battles, message me on XBL.

We are The Cult. Join us or face oblivion. Resistance is useless.

The Professor.

We’re starting up regular clan forging sessions, so if you’re into forging, having a laugh and good times, remember The Cult.

Please follow the rules of the recruiting forum.
There are some specific guidelines that we ask Clan Recruiters to follow during their ongoing recruitment efforts:
• Each clan is limited to one recruiting thread
• Clans may bump their recruiting thread once a week with a legitimate and substantial update (3-4 sentences)
• One additional thread may be made for challenges and tournaments