The Crusading Order is Recruiting (SANGHEILI CLAN)

The Crusading Order is an all Elite clan on MCC looking for new recruits.

My GT is Lord Saal

I have been apart of the Sangheili Community for many years now and have found great success in a few well known clans. With the resurgence of players from MCC on PC we plan on filling out a full roster for Big Team Battle lobbies and more.

Requirements :

  • Must have working mic
  • Use Discord, we have a server and link will be provided upon entry
  • Mature and willing to play competitively

Add me on Xbox Live if you are interested.

Hey wondering if you all are still a thing.
Used to play back in the original CSF when it was ran by by Xzan 'Tamasee.
Do have discord and play on the MCC PM me if you would like any other details.