The crossplay is very unbalanced

I am saying that MnK on average has 10-15 percent lower accuracy than the average controller player on average. Whatever discrepancy that exists among controller players is irrelevant.

And the fact that they are being matched to skill level makes it even funnier.


It is literally available on the internet on stat trackers.

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Finally someone gets it…finally

So… We ready to give up on this yet? The balance right now is as good as it gets and it sucks. There are no small tweaks to some AA values that will make this any better.

Nerf aim assist and Controller players get annoyed. Buff it and Mouse players get annoyed. Buff bullet magnetism or add other aim assist mechanics to Mouse and Mouse players stop playing. There is no winning. Mouse vs Aim assist is a mistake.

Personally I’m completely over it and am sticking to Mouse ranked from now on. Playing against people is more fun than competing against software.

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Just ignore them. The people complaining that aim assist gives a huge advantage don’t have much of an argument for this game since from what I’ve experienced Infinite has the lowest aim assist out of all the main halo games. And if it’s not the lowest then it’s definitely the second lowest. Even compared to other fps games it’s pretty low.

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Seems like my friends and I struggle more when playing crossplay. So KB+M must be better/easier to use or the average player with KB+M is just better than us.

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I’d love to see the average accuracy for Controller and KBM players.

When I look at scoreboards at the end of matches the accuracy for most players is usually in the 30 and 40% range.
Now and then you’ll see people with 50+ accuracy but it definitely seems a lot rarer to see than I was in Halo 5.

The aiming in the game is definitely much harder than it was in past games and I assume it because they’re having to try and balance it for crossplay.

Halo Tracker has top CSR rankings and 8 out of the top 10 are controller players. And the other 2 are probably controller players as well, I just couldn’t tell because they haven’t played the solo/duo playlist yet.

So if there was any more discussion about what the best input is, the discussion is over. Controller is the best input. Sorry M&K players, we just can’t compete with software.

I just checked 3 of the top 10 on their twitch and they are using M&K consistently. I can’t check the others since the tracker doesn’t link to their twitch. The ones I checked are: LethuL, demoivik, and Gunnplexion. These guys are using M&K in Crossplay Ranked. So that’s at the very least 3 people in the top 10.

Gunnplexion is a controller player, lethul is a controller player, and demoivik is a controller player.

Edit: Why would any of these players bother getting ranked in the controller playlist and not the M&K playlist if they were M&K players?

Edit2: They might dabble in M&K, but if they want to “try hard” or win, they’re definitely playing controller.

Man you have a weird logic.

You can’t if your in a party of 3+.

it means that m/kb and controller both have distinct advantages and disadvantages.

playing with a mouse makes movement snappier and flickshots easier. controller aim assist makes tracking easier. I don’t know why a competitive FPS game would even try to balance these 2 wildly different inputs.

People that think controllers aren’t overpowered in Halo have no idea how fast fps works.

First its a fact, controller beats M/K ( 50%-60% acc for controller and 35% - 50% for M/K) more acc means more bullets that land so more dmg so more won 1v1

The real problem is that aim assist allow controllers players to easily land shots that are very hard to land on M/K
Controller player that never played M/K don’t realize that landing a perfect medal with BR or Sidekick at close range with super fast strafes needs a high aiming level on M/K.

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Just give us the cross play option in game gosh.

I guess I’ll post here since I could not find the cheating / modding section.
1 Put in the option to crossplay or turn it OFF and select your platform of choice to play on.
2 Put in the option to play against all input devices or select to play against only your input device of choice.
The player base was divided when the cheating (mods) started.
If I want to play a game that has been altered by anyone other than 343, I will by a gaming PC and be reminded of the Halo PC mods of yore with flying warhogs and plasma rifles that shoot wraith mortors; yeah that was real fun back then. Cheating is cheating so let the cheaters play with the cheaters and give the rest of us the option to opt out of that mess. If that does not happen, there are plenty of other games out there to play (H5 is still running) without cheating happening (right now anyway). All I am saying is I do not have to put up with it, and I won’t I can choose not to play Infinite and I will. Hey one less target to shoot at.

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This game is for pc players now not for console gamers halo is dead


This is not true!! Lmao.

So I guess you agree that we should be able to choose if we play against controller or M&K, and PC or console?