The Crosshairs are HUGE

The crosshairs are way too big. Can we please get the option customize our crosshairs? I prefer a small bright green cross. The current crosshairs has too much going on. Sometimes it gets in the way of the aiming rather than assist and it is taking up too much space for no other reason than Halo’s nostalgia.

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What is your FOV at?


I didn’t like the crosshair in default but I play in 120 FOV and it’s good.


Holy fishbowl 102 for me lol


Infinite’s are the smallest in the series.


Take three steps backwards.

I play 88, but I snipe pretty good

Crosshairs are tied to bullet magnetism and values. If you want smaller crosshairs, increase your FOV. They are tied to gameplay mechanics and aren’t going to change most likely.

Or just reduce your crosshair opacity.

lol right? Like, jumping back to MCC the first thing that I always notice is how big the reticles used to be. This guy must not have played very much Halo if he thinks that Infinites are too big.

I play at 108 FOV and think they’re too small.

Don’t stand so close to your screen.

Stalker rifle is the worst. I wish I could remove all the fake HUD as it’s really distracting.

Raise your FOV. It makes crosshairs smaller.

My fov 104 and been happy with it, but I’m just an old git so bigger crosshair makes it easier for me to hit something :joy: :rofl: