The Crossed Legions: We Are Legion, Are you?

Hello my name is iProjectMythic, people call me Mythic. Your probably going to think that this is going to be some long piece of crap that will never finish. You are wrong, just keep on reading and you will see ;).

The Crossed Legions are a clan that focus on Halo: Reach and hopefully Halo 4. However we do play battlefield 3, and such games. We are looking for people that enjoy playing Halo in a military organized way, as well as mucking around. When its time to be serious, oh were serious. When its time to have a muck around, and just chill on Xbox then that’s what we do.

If just by reading that meets whatever your ‘expectations’ are then please do visit our site.(Ill post it at the bottom.)
After you have done so, please contact me on Xbox: iProjectMythic.

“He who stands with me, shall be my brother”.