The crew still running Halo 3...

There is definitely going to be a group of people who could still make updates to Halo 3 if they wanted to and I just want a way to contact them and throw some ideas and my thoughts their way.

Halo 3 still has a thriving population of dedicated players who love the game and the franchise, it even at times has more players online than Halo 4. A few updates like making it so anybody without the DLC can play all the playlists would boost the population, changing the bungie favourites now and then would also be assuring that someone still cares about the game. If you’re going to leave the Halo 3 servers on an effort could at least be made to keep the players happy. Halo 4 is dying quicker than Halo 3 and it’s not surprising, sure it’s got better graphics but it is not a better game, no offense 343 but the killcams still haven’t been sorted on Halo 4, they’re been broke since the game came out?! All I’m asking is for something, anything to done or at least give me the contact to get in touch with the skeleton crew still in charge of Halo 3. It’s a classic game, with record sales and in my opinion made the Halo franchise what it is, it’s just sad to see such a great game which still has potential wither away purely because no effort has been made. I’m not interested in hearing about how it’s a dead game or anything like that because if you say that what are you even on this forum for? Halo 3 is one of the best games EVER MADE. I had a small chat with an xbox ambassador which where even he admits Halo 4 has been killed prematurely.Well Halo 3 is far from dead. Any help or feedback from anyone who still cares about the game would be appreciated, thanks! :slight_smile:

After hearing about Halo 3 becoming free to gold members in July, that gives even more reason to update this amazing game.

You know what, never mind.
Clearly Bungie doesn’t care about the Halo franchise and neither does 343i.
There isn’t even any sort of support contact for 343 because they know they’d just get ripped to pieces.


Bungie does not run the halo franchise, Microsoft owns everything halo. bungie created halo when they were owned by Microsoft. After Reach bungie split and became its own company.
Halo 3 has been switched over to Xbox live servers so I don’t think 343 maintains that game, which is probably a good thing.