The credit system

Reach’s credit system really made me feel like I was earning something and playing for a reason (As well as fun). Halo 3’s XP system just didn’t agree with me and I really don’t know what to expect in halo 4. I also hear people saying halo 3’s rank showed skill - not if you were put with a bad team.

In halo 4 I hope you just get like a +1cR for every kill and a -0.5cR and no added bonus or something for the ranking system. I hope 343 put a lot of thinking into it so it will actually show the players skill. I hope it pleases everyone also.


Please reply somebody.

Yeahh, No, o offense man but i didnt really like the credit system.

Id rather have Halo 3 style ranks, simple and shows skill

Really? Cause Reach’s ranking system feels pointless to me, and I only even tried for General so that I would have my preferred set of armor at that point.


I’d rather want Halo 2’s ranking system

Thats simple, cool and brings back old school memories

I hope Cr replace EXP of Halo 3. But also keeping the same sinergy EXP and Ranks depending on TrueSkill for faster level up had in Halo 3. Because lets face it, EXP in Halo 3 was only if you win game and this is not really hard to do even for the worst player because they get people to help them.