The Credit Bans and the Reasons Behind Them.

Hi all,

Last night I received a credit ban for no apparent reason, and I was wondering if anyone knew how to perhaps have it investigated/find out exactly why/the different reasons for it?

I already have a topic on the Bungie Forums and they directed me here, and after the initial normal ‘oh you’re a cheater you deserve it’, I did have some people checking through my game history and agreeing that they see no reason I should have received one.

I played just as I have for the past year, I don’t afk, very rarely quit and I don’t do any boosting/network manipulation etc.

Not come here to cry about it too much, if I have to take it I have to take it, but right now I just can’t see the logic behind it and wondered if there is any process to find out more about it?

Many thanks,


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The same thing has happened to me and there is not date on when it will be unbanned i’m not very happy cause i’ve been without credit since last Saturday afternoon … please give some kind of info on why this has happened .(Battler67)