The Created, True successors of the mantle

So we all know what Halo Infinite is about, why hasn’t Cortana come to stop both factions yet from getting the ring? is she just going to see who takes out who then deal with the threat?

Have you watched the campaign trailers? I want to know before I say anything

It’s obvious that she was stopped before she could take hold.

Based on what we know, Cortana had about 2 years getting to play Galactic Dictator.

All we really know so far is that 6 months ago, Chief brought the Weapon to Zeta Halo to capture/incapacitate Cortana.
But the plan didn’t go as expected, leaving Cortana missing, the Weapon still alive, Chief napping in space, and the Banished in control of the ring.

I imagine we’ll get a tease at what went down at the beginning of the campaign, and over the course of it we will find out what really happened.


In the official trailer it shows a UNSC ship (possibly Infinity) being rammed by a larger Banished ship and destroying the UNSC ship.

Dang it seems like a reset on everything from 4-5 lol

she is kinda MIA right now. there is hints in the trailers that there was a possible 3 way battle. Possibly the banished and UNSC got the guardians attention. it was described in bad blood and shadows of reach that she doe not take notice of battles under a certain threshold. so this one may have attracted attention and maybe her forces were defeated with the UNSC. but idk if I am reading into the voice lines from the weapon(new cortona) and master chiefs conversation in one of the trailers.

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In shadows of reach novel Cortana is a little lazy with her rule.

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I’m kinda thinking that the 6 month prior event could be some kinda of 3-way flustercluck between the UNSC, Banished and Created.

Given that the UNSC had ‘a plan’, I’d say that Cortana had control of the ring, then the Banished showed up when the UNSC tried to enact that plan. Perhaps the Banished followed the Infinity to Zeta Halo, which then threw a spammer in the works.

Though there’s always the possibility that the Harbinger had something to do with the plan going wrong as well.

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The trailers have mentioned that something has happened to Cortana and this is the central mystery of the game.

They could keep the Created if something happened to Cortana. But, I just don’t see why given that the main selling point of the faction is Cortana being this Mendicant Bias god level AI.

I think 343 is moving away from that plot line entirely and there may be some hand waving involved.

Plus with the Banished and the Harbinger there just isn’t room for another faction. Even if you reimagined the faction from the ground up and made them more like the Geth in Mass Effect, it would be too much of a creative risk and the story already seems quite busy.

You: Not enough room for another faction

Dude the banished are just a reskin of the Covenant and we fought the Created in 5 were they even join forces to kill us, what I’m saying is why is she not dealing with the problem, since she’s so in love with Chief that she wouldn’t want some big bad brute hurt her man lol, but if the mystery of the game infinite is that she was defeated and the banished are the new bad guys, that doesn’t stop other powerful bias A.Is from continuing Cortanas work, hell the Warden would do it maybe even Didact level since he kept trying to tell her in Halo 5