The Crazy Canon Theories Thread

Did you ever have a crackpot theory about something in the haloverse? Perhaps something that ties together seemingly contradicting plot elements? Well, post 'em here!

For instance, I’ve been theorizing that…

The Plasma Repeater was not encountered anywhere besides Reach because it was a (failed) experimental model.
The fleet that attacked Reach was simply the guinea pig. After returning disappointing results, the Repeaters were withdrawn. This would also justify (canon-wise, that is) the Repeater’s underpoweredness compared to other Covie weapons.

Post away!

The Plasma Repeater’s presence, as well as the Needle Rifle and Plasma Launcher can be attributed to similar reasons as to why the DMR is revealed in the last game that happens to be a prequel AND why the Chief never had his BR on Alpha Halo.

  1. Certain fleets, vessels and units go through initiation periods as well punishment periods. Both of the these circumstances greatly vary the armament available at any particular moment. If a new weapon is crafted, it will take a very long time to distribute amongst the Covenant and so the assaulting and most decorated fleets would get the newest/best gear while the back-p and garrisoning units would be much less equipped.

  2. The weapons locker was hit when the Autumn was on Reach. This destroyed the weapons available we see later on in the trilogy.

My submission: The first game had the E.Swords and Fuel-Rods self-destruct with a reason given it was to prevent the enemy from using their weapons. That didn’t continue in Halo2.

I personally think that if they wanted to, Lekgolo or Hunter Worms, could of taken over the Covenant. When combined in either a Mgalekgolo (Hunter) or a Scarab, Lekgolo Worms could blast the Covenant to smithereens. The only reason they joined up the the Covenant and acted as there living tanks was that if they hadn’t surrendered to the still young Covenant, they would be glassed into extinction. But during the legendary Taming of the Lekgolo, the worms won almost every ground due to there awesome ability to become the mighty Hunters.

Now as time when on the Covenant found ways to put the worms into Scarabs. These Scarabs are not known to be self-thinking beyond orders or common thought, but if their were completely sentient, they easily could of wiped out the Elites, Brutes, or Grunts that enslaved them.

I just thought of something as I was launched out into space in my Sabre… why didn’t the Sabres have rail-systems as their initial method of lift? It would save even more fuel and $. A vertical catapult.

The DMR was perfected into the Battle Rifle. :slight_smile: