The Covies (Spoilers)

How did everyone feel about the Covenants role in the campaign? And do you think this is the last we’ll see of them?

I’m disappointed that the warzone bosses did not have any role in the campaign. And I think having to fight the Covies in missions after the battle of Sunaion made little sense. Worst of all:

I can’t stand how they handled Jul Mdama.on the plus side, I love the rage mode on the hunters and how they’re actually scary to fight again. Sadly, even the new powerful pistol will not one shot them in the back haha. I think it’s good they aren’t really the main antagonists anymore, but this may be the last game we see them as enemies and I’m not sure how to feel on that.

What are your thoughts?

343 will still have Covenant enemies in Halo 6 by saying they are organic beings who accept Cortana’s regime.

I’m not sure I buy that, considering the covenant and prometheans were fighting the whole game. Thank goodness, because Halo 4 got monotonous with no AI fights. But with that and the warrior culture of the sangheili,I can’t see them working with Cortana for eternal peace.