The Covenants Agenda?

What does everyone think the Covenant are planning in Halo 4? I believe the Covenant in Halo 4 could be a rogue faction, not one that supports Truth, but one that still believes in the spirituality of the Forerunner (like religious stuff and that) I am basing the following off of a hybrid of the announce trailer and recently revealed info about the first level. In the announce trailer the FuD is quite clearly being attacked by an unknown entity AS THEY APPROACH REQIUEM. In the recently revealed info it is discovered that Cortana awakens Chief because of Covenant intruders, when Chief steps outside he discovers a whole Covenant fleet. So it is clear the Covenant are attacking AS THEY APPROACH REQUIEM. So this could mean that the Covenant don’t want Chief on Requiem. They may have an ulterior motive, but I noticed similarities between this event and the first level from Halo:CE. For instance, Chief is awoken because of Covenant intruders, and the Covenant are attacking because they don’t want humans on Halo, seem familiar?

Anyway just my opinion I could be completely wrong. What do you think?

Well, how would they know where the Chief is? All they would see is a wreck, and if his location was public knowledge the UNSC would have sent someone over.

I think these “Covenant” are scavengers or at least a faction that engages in scavenging and when they saw a wreck that could carry some useful supplies they boarded it. And when they found something living that they weren’t expecting on a broken half of a hip they attacked it. Maybe because they’re a faction of Elites that are still opposed to humanity.

They might not even know it’s the Chief and have had some experience with Spartan IVs hunting them down in various ONI operations and just assumed he was one sent after them.

I dont think so.

With Regret, Mercy and last, but not the least, Truth dead, all the hegemony of the Covenant faith was destroyed. The last bound that kept them united was broken when the true purpose of the Halos surfaced.

If we can assume something, is that the confusion among the races of the Covenant is equal, if not superior, of the mess that happened in Sangellios after the Rebbelion.

So, the Covenant show no real threat, both to Humans or Elites.

No, their foes are another kind of danger, a much ancient and deadly ones.

I think they are just rebels. Remember in the Novel Halo Glasslands that Jul tries help from the Servants of the Abiding Truth to rebel against the Arbiter?

And remember, In Halo 4’s First Look. We were told that the Novels and the Games are going to relate to each other as much as they possibly can.

And keep in mind, the last 2 Halo Novels are preparing Halo 4.

Prophets need some sort of powerful weapon/tech to give them any semblance of power back, because right now they’re bordering on extinction and all but incapable of fighting.

They allready tried that during Halo Wars, with full strengt power. And failed.
Not even close to what they can do now…pretty much nothing.

One thig is bothering me, however…

The light-bulb (Guilty Spark) spoke several times that Humans should know what happened with the Foreruners, the Rings even with the Librarian and the Didact…but…He IS the one we KNOW the Mantle´s access was disabled before the Halo´s were commissioned and stacioned. Am I missing something?

Personally I think that maybe the old members of the covenant may be working with “the ancient evil.” If you think about it, with the covenant being disbanded the members would be looking for a sense of leadership, someone to guide them and give them purpose. They’re already used to killing humans from the war and each other from the rebellion. The ancient evil could be using the entire fleet to defend the planet while he executes his plans. This would also explain enemy progression, as when you get closer to the “evil” you get closer to his plans. Assuming that the precursor is the evil, he/she is only 1 entity. He would be looking for a quick army to summon while he conjures up an even more powerful ally.