The covenant species and story

First up, we know the Storm Covies are kinda like scavengers, kinda. And we know that during the Sangeili civil war ONI was supplying weapons to the side opposing the Arbiter, both plasma and UNSC equipment was given. And from Spartan ops in halo 4 we know the Storm was stealing UNSC gear as well, so I’d like to see Storm covies using UNSC weapons occasionally.

We also know that a peace treaty was going to be signed a Brute chieftain, Lord Hood and the Arbiter. But the storm attacked and yaddy yaddy yadda. In the timeline of Halo 5 is it possible the treaty was successfully sighned? If so does that mean we might fight alongside as well as against some brutes in some missions? [Halo Escalation]

Regarding the Kig-Yar (jackels, Skirmishers). We know that there are three subspecies, The Ruuht, which are the jackels we all know and love, the Ibie’sh, the Storm jackels. And the T’vaoan, which are the Skirmishers. We know that jackels happily trade with humans, who’s to say, for a good price, they wont fight with us? We also know there’s a female (a Skirmisher) trying to unite the Kig-yar as a full blown fleet. I think her name was Chol Von [Mortal Dictata]
So what I’d like to see (maybe not in this game but in the next one or a spin off) is in the covenant they work as squads like they did in reach, but when it comes to the Kig-Yar’s own fleet, they subspecies are randomly generated in the dropship before it opens. We also know that jackels can left handed or right handed, as well as females having hard skin on the neck instead of feathers. So that could be randomly generated as well.
Just imagine, seeing I don’t know a pelican and Spirit painted blue (lets pretend blue is the Kig-Yars color) and out drops a total of 6 jackels, 4 left handed and the other 2 are right handed, 3 with feathers 3 without. Plus 5 Skirmishers. Plus 3 Storm jackels, 2 being right handed. All using what ever weapons they could get their hands on.

What about drones? Do we ever get to see a queen?

Grunts? We know some are working on farms on Sangheilios, some are in the storm covenant. where are the rest?

The Prophets? They’ve gone into hiding but do we ever find them?

Flood, they are kept on installations but surely some must have survived the rings? Right? No? I don’t know. But they would be interesting to bring back as an enemy, not matter how annoying they are, you’ll just miss 'em if they’re gone.

Forerunners, The didact survived, how many others did? Do we find them? Do they help or attack us? This could go anywhere.

Hunters, we know what they are, but do humans ever tame them?

We know hunters, grunts and I think some jackels sided with the elites during the Great Schism. In halo 3 you didn’t have grunts or hunters as allies during the campaign because Bungie thought it would be confusing to the players. But now with armor varying so much it may be possible to have them fighting with you. We will never know.