The Covenant Reclamations

We are a Sangheili based clan on Halo Reach, X-360, for now.Our mission is to compete in raids within the Halo Reach Clan Community. Our enemies? UNSC, Insurrection, and other opposing Sangheili groups.We are in the midst of finishing the ranks as we speak.We need this from you:

  • Mic- communication - Team work skills- We are a team, and will act as such - A competitive and serious mind when needed- We love to have fun, but there are times to be serious. - Be 13+ - We know many on Halo are young, but we are mature and need clear minds, no immature young kids - Finally, respect to yourself, team mates and enemies.- This goes along with 2 and 3.To contact us. Message Im9AndISukAtCOD, just say anything about the clan. I’ll be sure to get back as soon as possible.

If you are looking for an alliance or raid, also message me.