The Covenant and Hard-Light

> These advancements included translight travel and communication, the manipulation of extremely high volumes of plasma energy through recycling detritus from sublight travel, the control and usage of hard light, short-range teleportation of matter, and the deft influence over gravity and repulsor-based technologies, among other things.

This, directly contradicts this…

> We remain pale shadows of them, reflections in a rippling pond. Some things we could not even imitate. The Hard Light they used to span gulfs or lock chambers. Their materials—indestructible matrixes of crystal, metal, and plastic. The very stuff of which the relics are built. But others we observed and studied, understood their principles, and built our own versions, sometimes drawing power itself from their relics.
> Various Authors (2010-11-30). Halo: Evolutions Volume II: Essential Tales of the Halo Universe: 2 (pp. 291-292). Tom Doherty Associates. Kindle Edition.

The musings of the head of Covenant R&D in the final hours of the polity. Thoughts?