The Covenant after Halo 5 *Spoilers*

So, the Storm Covenant is destroyed.

Damn we came a long way since Halo 1.

In Halo 1 we were fighting this overwhelming alien hegemony, with almost no chance of really winning.

In Halo 5, we exterminate the remnants of the remnants of the Storm Covenant. I kind of feel pity for them. Jul’Mdama dying in the first mission, and then the last desperate assault on the Arbiter, and finally, their extermination in Sunaion. I felt a bit sad for them really, as I remembered the days where I feared the Covenant’s overwhelming power, numbers and technological superiority. They truly were at their strongest in the past. They were kicking our -Yoink-. Not so much now…

I miss the days of the overwhelming Covenant. Now we just kicked their butt to death!

What alien hegemony will we fight now? We have fought the Covenant for 7 main games. They’re now completely destroyed.

We need someone to replace them. We can’t just fight Prometheans in Halo 6!

Just kill off the Arbitar and then we’ll be fighting aliens again

There’s still a pretty big group of individuals in many of the Covenant species who are religious zealots, of sorts.

The emergence of Cortana as the self-proclaimed “Reclaimer,” with God-like support from Prometheans and the Warden Eternal, may be enough to encourage many within Covenant species to fall in line and support Cortana, thereby giving us Covenant opponents during Halo 6.