The cosmetic system with halo infinite is absolutely horrid

I find it to be complete crap that this game has stuff cosmetics you can miss out on. I hate how this game is fomo in nearly every sense of the word. Even the store content is fomo based where past season content doesnt cycle in newer season

I HATE how there is limited edition skins and promo content that is milked and spread out like zeta sky needing to buy from every store to get the full set.

its one thing to make us pay for cosmetics but on top of that they have to make things unobtainable on halo?

I needed to get that out of my system


I wouldn’t waste a lot of emotional energy on FOMO.

We are only half way through Season 2.

Come back to me if things haven’t started recycling by Season 4.

I understand what you’re saying I do. But if things launched right we’d be half way through season 3 as it stands.

I’m not saying you’re entirely wrong AT ALL; but at the same token if we hadn’t gotten these 6 months season and they didn’t lie like bioware/ea did with Anthem; We might have a full game PLUS all these cosmetic issues. I 100% doubt we’d be in a different situation aside from the fact that MORE people would be complaining about these crap coatings and armor pieces.

And I’d probably be saying wait for Season 6.

I don’t know what the optimum exclusivity is. At least a year I would have thought. There should definitely be FOMOFAW - a fear of missing out for a while. There needs to be some sense of urgency to drive sales.

I haven’t taken much notice of the labels for item rarity. But hopefully they end up describing the pattern of availability. Common ones popping up regularly, legendary ones in a year or two. And they could clearly define one time never to return offers (eg. “exclusive”).

And I don’t have a problem with some items never being repeated. Things that define Season 1 players etc. Just as long as the flow of new content keeps coming (which, unfortunately, it isn’t).

rarity labels are meaningless they are there for eye candy at best. they arent based on how common rare easy hard expensive cheap it is to get

Just saying that it would be useful to tie the system into how often it is expected to return as well.

I meant arent* not are

I respectfully disagree. I can understand your points through the rest, but I’ve had an issue with vaulting or discontinuing items since destiny 1. There will always be players like myself unable to do or spend time in the game to do harder or longer challenges either via work and outside sources. So many, myself included become collectors. Filling out the only thing we truly can on our limited times.

With reach and it’s armor being something that myself and others got either in highschool or just starting our lives being the last true halo we felt was our halo; AND it being season 1 just isn’t cool, isn’t fair and is EXTREMELY predatory to anyone who has love and nostalgia from that time.

A store that rotates is predatory. Period. If there is no way to access it aside from when THEY want it it’s not FOMO it’s control.

speaking of getting things in the limited time we can I hate the weeklies its horrid instead of being able to simply hop on whenever to have fun its a chore to get weeklies playing game modes we dc about.

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It is difficult to turn your head away from a train wreck and that’s what this game is. The only benefit to the Battle Pass is access to cosmetics as if cosmetics are somehow content. Does anyone know why the shopping channel worked so well? … compulsive shoppers, reminding you of anyone.

This game needs content, not more worthless cosmetics, 343’s goal is to keep people occupied with cosmetic hunting that way we will not notice there is no actual content being added. Creating events by doing exactly the same things we’ve already been doing for a chance at a new cosmetic is not content, it’s a distraction. Game types that are close to identical with just minor alterations to make them seem different are just lazy content.

People have listed whole pages of things that have been removed from this game, plus an array of gameplay problems that are only being given lip service, but somehow for many people, it’s the cosmetics that are important. Conditioning, conditioning, conditioning.
When the roof of your house is leaking, your primary thought should not be " hey, let’s get new carpets".